10 Bad Wrestling Themed Songs (That Fans Secretly Loved)


A great wrestling theme song is a crucial aspect of an iconic superstar. The breaking of glass before Stone Cold enters the building is part of its whole personality. Sometimes the theme songs are classics that find new life in the wrestling world, such as CM Punk’s use of “Cult of Personality”.

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In the sea of ​​great entrance songs that shape our fighting acumen, there are also some that are downright awful. They are usually forgotten superstars whose gimmick was as bad as their intro music. Yet some of these bad songs are too catchy or too funny for audiences to hate. This list explores those entry themes, ones that are so bad that fans have to admit they are, in their own way, good.

ten MNM – “Paparazzi”

MNM (Johnny Nitro, Melina and Joey Mercury) were one of those boring heel crews that Ruthless Aggression Era fans loved to hate. They were three times WWE Tag Team Champions and Melina even won the Women’s Championship.

Their theme song, “Paparazzi”, was a boring endless guitar riff that was more psychedelic than Hollywood. Either way, fans would have to admit that the song was as catchy as it was annoying.

9 The Acclaimed – “Platinum”

While the idea of ​​”rapping to your own entrance song” isn’t new, The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bownes) have the distinction of being the first tag team to have a freestyle rap band member. on the song when entering the ring. .

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The rhythm is lazy and nothing more than a basic hip-hop instrument. Caster isn’t J Cole on the mic, but fans have to admit it’s still fun to hear him shoot his opponent on the fly. Their intro music isn’t great, but it’s still interesting and fun to hear.


8 Maria – “With legs like that”

This may be the most “college dance” song in WWE history. Zebrahead’s theme hardly makes you think that the person about to enter the ring is going to hurt you.

Fans loved Maria despite “With Legs Like That” still feeling like a misplaced entrance song for her. Still, the Radio Disney kid in all of us should admit that while the song isn’t great, it still brought a tiny bit of “junior high” nostalgia when it played.

7 Chavo Guerrero – “Cavito Ardiente”

Oh Chavo. “Cavito Ardiente” appears to be an attempt at a Latin-style groove, but mostly sounds like lost congas and haphazardly placed horns. It’s a bad melody that mostly repeats itself throughout its duration.

The only factor that sets it apart is the familiar “Ooh Chavo” at the start. To this day, fans will still sing that part to Chavo when they see him. It’s an almost forgettable track with a fun moment and sometimes that’s all wrestling fans need.

6 R-Truth – “What’s Up”

Fans love R-Truth. He had a long and fun career in WWE. His entrance song “What’s Up?” left most of them conflicted. Basically, it’s a bad rap song. It’s not a fun way to portray R-Truth even though he rapped over the track impersonating Mystikal.

Despite that, you can barely tell the song is bad when R-Truth raps it during his entrance. That’s R-Truth’s career, in a nutshell, always turning the bad things he gave WWE into great things for the WWE audience.

5 Sting – “The Man Called Sting”

Sting has some of the most iconic entrance themes of any wrestler. “Man Called Sting” is not one of them. It was his third WCW entrance song and is a clear product of his time. “Man Called Sting” would be better for a low-budget 1980s film about a superhero named “Sting” than the icon himself.


Sting’s career told in photos, over the years

Still, that’s the entrance theme Sting had when he first started having success in WCW, so many fans may still mumble the words (which usually don’t make sense) out of respect for him. one of the greatest to have ever done so.

4 Big Boss Man – “Hard Times”

Some fans forget how Big Boss Man was in his prime. What they don’t forget is how cheesy his entrance song, “Hard Times,” was. Yes, that was even too much for the Big Boss Man Corrections Officer fun gimmick.

With lyrics like “If you ever take a trip to Cobb County, Georgia, you better read the signs, obey law and order,” the music sounds like the theme song to a sitcom from the 90s about a group of officers… a bad sitcom that lasted four episodes before being canceled. Still, some fans respect the tune as one of the most memorable of the decade.

3 Cryme Tyme – “Bringin’ Da Hood”

Cryme Tyme, consisting of wrestlers JTG and the late Shad Gaspard, was a tag team that came out of nowhere in the days of Ruthless Aggression and still stole the show. They were fan favorites with a theme song that was essentially a parody of the “gangsta rap” songs of its era.

“Bringin’ Da Hood” is silly, bordering on ridiculous, but so was Cryme Tyme. Most fans think of Shad and JTG fondly and their parody entrance theme is part of their appeal as wrestlers, so it’s a hard song to hate.

2 Brie Bella – “Beautiful Life”

Arguably one of the most boring entrance themes in WWE history, “Beautiful Life” has way too much going on. This track could play at a rave and be well received, but the Monday Night Raw was just too much.

Clearly an attempt to appeal to young fans, the song never quite lived up to Brie Bella. That being said, many fans love this song and look past the autotune part, heavy mashups, random noises and consider this song a classic.

1 Mr. Ass – “Ass Man”

“Mr. Ass” was a crazy gimmick for Billy Gunn, but fans loved him almost as much as his “Ass Man” theme singer loved asses. It is often considered one of the worst songs in WWE history. The lyrics wouldn’t fly in WWE’s new PG era. The music is basic.

Still, “Ass Man” is one of the funniest songs ever recorded, a level parody of a Weird Al song. Many fans take the silly song for what it is and love it. It’s one of those songs that’s so bad, it’s pretty good.

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