10 best performances of Charles Oliveira’s UFC career, ranked



Right now, Charles Oliveira is the lightweight division’s unsolvable puzzle in the UFC. He holds the championship belt and successfully defended it once as well. With a wealth of grappling knowledge and clean, crisp strikes to his long, lanky frame, it’s easy to see why he’s so dominant in the division.

RELATED: 10 Things UFC Fans Should Know About Charles OliveiraHis current winning streak sits at 10 in a row after a rocky start to his UFC career with injuries and tough outings losing to top talent. Later in his career, he somehow found the form to claim gold and claim his name as one of the greatest and one of the best fight finishers to ever do so.

ten Vs. Nik Lentz, UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Alves

At this point in his career, Oliveira was considered a decent grappler, and his striking prowess was still developing. He also consistently found himself on the wrong side of the scale, missing weight for the featherweight division a few times.

He made an impressive striking display, but what was really impressive was his grappling, the way he went from a Thai clinch to a standing guillotine was so fast and tight that Nick Lentz couldn’t. had only two options, tap or fall asleep.

9 Versus. Clay guide, UFC 225

Clay Guida is known as one of the toughest fighters on the roster, he will never back down from a war, he is a relentless grappler and a former Strikeforce champion. Not only is Clay a tough opponent, but Oliveira has lost 3 of his last 4 games which puts him on the verge of being cut.

With the pressure on and a fighter in front of him, Oliveira pulled off another finish by submitting Guida via a guillotine choke and beginning his 10-fight UFC winning streak.


8 Versus. Jim Miller, UFC on Fox: Lee vs. Iaquinta 2

The best fighters in the UFC remember their losses for a very long time and want nothing more than to avenge them. Iron man Jim Miller had given Oliveira a tough reception in the UFC in Oliveira’s third fight with the company.

Oliveira was able to return the favor to Jim Miller. Submitting him via rear naked choke in an impressive minute and fifteen seconds and proving to be one of the best grapplers in the game.

seven Versus. Darren Elkins, UFC Live: Jones vs. Matyushenko

In terms of brave fighters you need to finish to take them out of the fight, no one has faced more than Charles Oliveira. And in this category, there is no one quite like his first UFC opponent Darren Elkins.

Making a mark in your debut is key as a fighter you want to be remembered and submitting one of the toughest guys in the business Oliveira made his mark submitting Darren Elkins via a triangular constriction.

6 Versus. Kevin Lee, UFC Fight Night: Lee Vs. Oliveira

Oliveira fought Kevin Lee at a catchweight of 158 pounds because Kevin Lee was a bit too heavy for the fight. For Oliveira, it was a tough prospect because he was a guy who fought at featherweight for a while, so being paired with a guy who couldn’t gain weight and was a former welterweight is hard.

Kevin Lee was also coming off a devastating knockout of Gregor Gillespie and was set to make a run at lightweight. The fight was also difficult being the first without fans due to COVID-19. Lee looked dominant throughout the fight until he was grabbed by his grapple superior Oliveira and slammed into a guillotine.

5 Versus. David Teymur, UFC Fight Night 144

The first real demonstration of Oliveira’s sharp, developed punch came during his fight with David Teymur, who is himself a kickboxing specialist. Oliveira got caught and fell in the first round of the fight but was able to get back up.

RELATED: 10 Things You Need To Know About The UFC’s Alexander VolkanovskiHe then landed a senseless elbow on Teymur, stunning him. Oliveira followed that up with a nice combination that left Teymur standing before curling another guillotine to finish him off.

4 Versus. Eric Wisely, UFC on Fox: Evans vs. Davis

The average fight fan has no idea what a calf slicer submission is, but they know it sounds complicated and painful for anyone to get caught. That’s what happened to Eric Wisely when he faced Oliveira.

Oliveira wrapped what appeared to be a heel hook, but when Wisely started to slip away, Oliveira transitioned by sticking his leg into the crease of Wisely’s knee and pulling Wisely towards him, which puts pressure on the knee, forcing Wisely to tap.

3 Versus. Dustin Poirier, UFC 269

In his first belt defense, Oliveira drew Dustin Poirier. Back when Poirier was the clear favorite in this fight, everyone expected him to run through Oliveira and finish him off. Poirier was also the betting favorite in the fight.

After a back-and-forth first round where they both landed strikes, Oliveira controlled and dominated the second round on top, then pushed the pace in the third over a tired Poirier. Oliveira then finished it off with a rear choke.

2 Versus. Tony Ferguson, UFC 256

Tony Ferguson had just suffered his first loss in 7 years against Justin Gaethje and it was thought that boogeyman Tony Ferguson was going to tear his next opponent limb by limb to prove that he is still one of the best in the world.

RELATED: 10 Best Leg Kickers The UFC Has Ever SeenOliveira took it to Ferguson in a grappling heavy approach that no one had attempted at the time against Ferguson who was an American wrestler and BJJ black belt. Oliveira won the fight by decision stifling any chance Tony had.

1 Versus. Michael Chandler, UFC 262

The left hook heard the world over is a pretty cool name for a punch a fighter landed, especially if that punch secured the TKO victory and finished off one of the best fighters in the world, Michael Chandler.

For a fighter, there’s no sweeter victory than one that secures you a belt and we’re sure Oliveira looks fondly on this fight as one of his most impressive performances, if not his most impressive.

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