10 Most Embarrassing Moments To Happen On The Ultimate Fighter Reality Show


The Ultimate Fighter is a reality show that pits 16 up-and-coming fighters against each other in an MMA tournament where the winner gets a six-figure cfu Contract. The catch is that all of these fighters have to live in the same house for the entire season.

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As one would imagine, putting 16 trained MMA fighters in a house for an extended period of time is more or less a crazy idea. With all their alcohol-induced madness and suppressed rage, extremely embarrassing things are bound to happen. In order to generate buzz for their careers and the show as well, many fighters made a fool of themselves at various times.

ten Jesse Taylor pees

The seventh season of TUF coached by Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin saw the addition of exciting middleweight Jesse Taylor. Taylor was a strong middleweight and won all of his matches on the show. Jesse was also a character outside of the octagon, he was prone to heavy drinking outside of the gymnasium which led to him acting like the class clown. One of his favorite things he would do to make everyone laugh would be to pee his pants, which he did many times and in many places throughout the show.

9 Chris Leben Spritz

The first season of TUF saw Chris Leben, everyone’s favorite bad boy. The show’s original prankster annoyed most of his housemates with drunken antics, but there was one moment in particular that stood out.

Chris Leben peed on fellow fighter Jason Thacker’s bed, then rubbed the pee in the bed to prank Thacker. The first pee-related prank on TUF of what would become a lot, in some ways Leben was a pioneer.


8 The Sushi Incident

In what is arguably the most disgusting moment in TUF history during TUF Season 8 after being caught peeing on their bowl of fruit by Tom Lawlor, Kyle Kingsbury wanted revenge. .

So he decided to go after Dave Kaplan’s sushi. He ejaculated on a container of Kaplan’s prepackaged sushi and, as he puts it, “added a special sauce” to the sushi Kaplan later ate.

seven BJ Penn’s team picks

At the start of the show, the coaches usually choose fighters until all fighters are chosen like an old fashioned football game. TUF Season 5 cast Jens Pulver and BJ Penn as coaches.

When picking the teams, BJ Penn knew he was the most popular fighter and tried to get inside Jens’ head by asking fighters who wanted nothing to do with Jens Pulver as a trainer. More than half raised their hands, forcing Pulver to have members on his team that he knew didn’t want to be there. But the joke was on Penn as two of Pulver’s students made it to the season finale.

6 Rampage Jackson Gate Incident

Rampage Jackson is well known for flipping that switch and turning into a cold-blooded killer when he steps into the octagon. In Season 10, the TUF Rampages team had a rocky start to the tournament losing seven of the first eight bouts.

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It drove Rampage crazy, he turned into this cold-blooded killer and went crazy at the team’s locker room door ripping him to shreds and tearing him almost entirely off the wall.

5 Jesse Taylor kicked off

Jesse Taylor was exceptionally good at making a fool of himself during his time on TUF Season 7. After successfully winning his way to the Season 7 finale despite his absurd antics, Jesse decided to take some time off to relax in Vegas.

He ended up harassing several casino employees stating he was a UFC fighter and eventually ended up kicking out the window of the limo driving him. Shortly after, Dana White dropped him from the finale and kicked him out of the series.

4 Tony Ferguson drinks too much

Season 13 of TUF saw the introduction of a fan favorite in Tony Ferguson as well as a little-known fighter in Charlie Rader. Rader had taken to fighting to earn money so he could contest custody of his child.

One night on the show, after a few drinks, Tony and Charlie had a playful fight that quickly escalated. It ended with Tony being held up by other housemates shouting “Where’s your kid” at Charlie.

3 snake in the grass

TUF 22 saw coaches Urijah Faber and Conor McGregor face off. Urijah being the founder of the alpha male team brought some of his star students to train like Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw.

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Conor acknowledged that TJ was about to leave Team Alpha Male and was ready to begin training fully with his striking trainer who left Team Alpha Male in Duane Ludwig. McGregor is no stranger to controversy started a fight calling TJ a snake in the grass for being there with Faber.

2 Andy Wang gets kicked off BJ Penn’s team

BJ Penn on TUF Season 5 was not a rule follower. After struggling to maintain control of his team, he decided to do something no coach on the show had ever done before him. Cutting a fighter for lack of motivation.

Andy Wang had brought BJ Penn to the point where BJ kicked him out of his team. Wang was then sent to Pulver’s team. Wang lost his only fight in the series against Brandon Melendez. Wang is also known for crying excessively on the show.

1 “Iron Chin” by Dave Kaplan

TUF Season 8 saw an embarrassing drunken moment between teammates Tom Lawlor and David Kaplan. Believing he had an iron chin and couldn’t be knocked out, Kaplan urged Lawlor to punch him as hard as he could.

Lawlor then put Kaplan to sleep by folding him, Kaplan was even snoring. A few minutes later, Kaplan woke up and was fine, but later said he hadn’t come out, he had just been knocked down.

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