10 Villainous Characters That Could Appear In Phases 5 And 6


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has overloaded fans with content, new character announcements, and most importantly, new project announcements for Phases 5 and 6 of this new saga. With D23 safely hidden behind fans, people are wondering what Marvel left out and which characters remain under wraps.

It’s reasonable to assume that many of the characters that Marvel excluded at D23 were the villains to keep some level of suspense in the project, and given that there are so many villains for Marvel to choose from, it’ll be interesting to see what opponents these new heroes face.


10/10 Unum

Unum is quite an interesting character as she intends to kill all female superheroes. This character appears for the first time in She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision #1 and is strong enough to anchor an MCU team project.

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With so many new female characters introduced to the MCU, it would be interesting to see Unum make an appearance. With that introduction would most likely also come the reintroduction of the Collector, and that would be a very interesting stepping stone for Marvel to take.

9/10 red hulk

With the recent introduction of a new Hulk to the MCU and the announcement of a Love at first sight show in the upcoming feature film, it’s reasonable to assume that Red Hulk could make an appearance in the TV show.

Fans might recall that in the comics, it was Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross who took on that “Red Hulk” role, and since his redesign is something Marvel could put on the table after the death of actor Ross William Hurt, it would be reasonable to guess that he could be the new variation of Hulk. Of course, the MCU version could also be the gamma form of a completely different person.

8/10 Jester

daredevil gearing up for its rerun, with characters like Matt Murdock and Kingpin starting to reappear on shows like She-Hulk and Hawk Eye, respectively. It is known to fans that Kingpin is the main villain of the daredevil run, however, in the Netflix show, Daredevil fights not only Kingpin, but many other supporting characters as well, and Jester could be one of those people in the next show.

Jester, a member of the Thunderbolts team, would be a likely choice for an additional Daredevil rerun villain as a new one. Love at first sight movie has been announced, and this adversary plays a big part in Daredevil’s life.

7/10 Stormranger

Kamala Khan became an instant sensation after appearing in Ms. Marveland fans were begging to know if their favorite Jersey City superhero would reappear after Wonders. Due to her recent introduction to the MCU, it’s safe to assume, despite the fact that it hasn’t been confirmed, that Ms. Marvel will return and hopefully fight her greatest adversary, Stormranger.

Stormranger, in the comics, seeks revenge on Ms. Marvel after traveling to an alternate reality and bonding to a Kree Stormranger Nanosuit. This particular villain, unlike some of the other fans fans have seen in the MCU, is driven by pure hate and working outside of Kree law, making them very dangerous and a great adversary for Ms. Marvel to face.

6/10 Lazarus

Another expected character return was Shang-Chi, and after that climactic post-credit scene from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsthere’s a good chance this warrior will make another appearance in the MCU, this time hopefully alongside Lazarus.

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Lazarus first appeared in Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #8 where he is said to have no real superpowers, but rather an inability to feel pain during his murderous rage. In a later edit, Lazarus was stated to become The Midnight Slasher and train in martial arts, which would make him an interesting character to take on someone who also has extensive experience in mixed martial arts.

5/10 Mephisto

When Wanda Vision broadcast, Mephisto was at the top of everyone’s radar. With so much teasing towards this character, it would be almost insulting if Marvel didn’t take advantage of this unique and powerful character in its next phases.

This villain has the potential to appear in a number of places, having fought many current MCU characters in the comics, including Daredevil and the Scarlet Witch. Needless to say, if Mephisto officially entered the MCU, fans would be thrilled, while the characters would be ready to fight.

4/10 Beyond

Unlike some of the more traditional MCU and Marvel characters, Beyonder takes a more scientific approach to his villainous plan. This being’s ultimate goal is to study the nature of desire, and in doing so, sends many criminal characters to a place known as Battleworld, where they are supposed to fight.

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This world, of course, was used later in secret wars, but having this character introduced before Secret Wars tunes would be a great introduction to this new world and the uniqueness of Beyonder.

3/10 Venom

It looks like Venom should appear in Phase 5 or 6 after appearing in the deleted post-credit scene of Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Venom, of course, made its first appearance in Sony Venom.

While this character, like many others in the MCU, appears to be a morally questionable anti-hero character, his intentions over time have fluctuated, and in the comics he is known to be one of the greatest. Spider-Man adversaries. That being said, it’s highly likely that Venom will be introduced into the MCU, most likely alongside Spider-Man.

2/10 Molecule Man

The best time to add Molecule Man to the MCU would be now. Considering the fact that this saga is called the Multiverse Saga, as Kevin Feige coined it, it would be reasonable to assume that a character who could bend molecules to his advantage and had the power to take over the multiverse would be introduced in this saga.

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Some have, and rightly, assumed that adding Molecule Man would be too risky as his character is quite strong in the comics, but adding him would prove to be a great addition to the saga as a whole and would be a invaluable asset for Kang. plan to take over the multiverse.

1/10 Annihilates

As the name suggests, Annihilus’ purpose was to conquer and, if need be, destroy other planets. Along with his dictatorship mentality, Annihilus also comes with a Cosmic Control Rod, which gives him great powers, and in the comics he was only stopped by the Avengers.

While the original Avengers have been disbanded for some time, Annihilus is known to have come into contact with Fantastic 4 member Johnny Storm and the Fantastic 4being announced at D23, it is quite possible that Annihilus will show up in the future.

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