3 Fall Activities That Will Have You Training Like ONE Strawweight World Champion Joshua Pacio


Some people like to hide indoors when cool weather approaches, but not ONE Strawweight World Champion Joshua “The Passion” Pacio.

When the mountains in his hometown of Baguio hit the low 60s in the fall, the 26-year-old Filipino likes to get outside and be active. Whether it’s hiking, biking or running, it does it all.

Over the next few months, expect Pacio to increase the time he spends exercising outdoors. The reigning strawweight king will defend his belt against top ranked contender Jarred “The Monkey God” Brooks at ONE 164 on December 3 at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila.

If you want to train like Pacio for his next showdown with the American, here are three things you can do this fall.

Hike for Happiness and Heart Health

Fall is the perfect time to hike, and hiking is a great way to clear your mind and strengthen your heart. So put on protective shoes and walk in the mountains, through the forests or along the trails.

Hiking allows you to clear your mind and focus on your breathing. The zen experience of navigating rugged trails or strolling along buzzing rivers away from the hustle and bustle of the city will increase your level of happiness. However, it also has many physical benefits.

Fall rides improve cardiovascular function by forcing your heart to work harder, which will benefit you later in the ring or on the mats. Plus, it can help you develop your balance, increase bone density, and lose weight.

Cycling to increase strength and improve coordination

Many of us haven’t ridden a bike since we were kids, but it’s a great activity for building strength and improving coordination this fall. That said, get your bike and helmet out of the garage and start pedaling around your neighborhood, the beach, or a trail.

Due to the amount of power you need to exert while pedaling, cycling has been shown to build leg muscle and strength, which will definitely help you when rounding or pushing off pads and bags in the gym.

In addition, the bike improves balance and coordination. When you pedal a bicycle, many upper and lower body muscle groups work together to propel you forward. This coordination also carries over into the gym, where it is needed to balance on one foot while kicking.

Running to lose weight and deepen friendships

Running in the fall can include participating in a 5k or challenging a half marathon. Additionally, due to the number of calories burned from the activity, running could help maintain holiday weight.

But aside from the physical benefits of running, putting your feet on the pavement also teaches you how to push yourself even when you’re bored, tired, or just plain uncomfortable.

And running doesn’t have to be something you do alone. You can include your friends, family, teammates or, like Pacio, even your dog. Similar to sparring and grappling with teammates, running with others helps deepen bonds because you push yourself beyond your limits.


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