# 3 Michigan Vs # 5 Arizona State Breakdown & Forecast


# 3 Michigan and # 5 Arizona State will face off on January 3 in Austin, Texas! This top 5 duel will feature a number of ranked matches and kick off the New Year’s fight in style! Discover the planned lineups, a breakdown of each match and the predictions below.

2022 Arizona State vs. Michigan

Projected alignments

125: # 2 Nick Suriano / Jack Medley (Michigan) vs. # 5 Brandon Courtney (Arizona State)

133: 9 Dylan Ragusin (Michigan) v # 6 Michael McGee (Arizona State)

141: # 4 Stevan Micic (Michigan) vs. # 16 Jesse Vasquez (Arizona State)

149: HM Kanen Storr (Michigan) vs. # 7 Kyle Parco (Arizona State)

157: 13 Will Lewan (Michigan) v # 4 Jacori Teemer (Arizona State)

165: # 11 Cam Amine (Michigan) vs. # 9 Anthony Valencia (Arizona State)

174: 6 Logan Massa (Michigan) v Cael Valencia / Zane Coleman (Arizona State)

184: 2 Myles Amine (Michigan) v Josh Nummer (Arizona State)

197: # 10 Patrick Brucki (Michigan) vs. # 9 Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State)

285: # 2 Mason Parris (Michigan) vs. # 3 Cohlton Shultz (Arizona State)

18 of the 20 wrestlers in these rosters are ranked and there are a total of 8 ranked matches! On top of that, there are four top 10 games and two top 5 games. This duel is sure to be thrilling from start to finish – take a look below to see the predictions and breakdown for each game.

125: # 2 Nick Suriano / Jack Medley (Michigan) vs. # 5 Brandon Courtney (Arizona State)

The return of Nick Suriano! A game against the NCAA runner-up isn’t necessarily what the normal person would choose for their first game in over two years. However, Nick Suriano never did things predictably. If Suriano takes the mat in Austin, the game between him and Brandon Courtney should be exceptional. Suriano’s positioning and ability to finish once he hits a leg is amazing, but Brandon Courtney’s attacking ability is just as impressive. I favor Suriano in a close decision, but Brandon Courtney can absolutely win this game.

There’s still a chance Michigan could withhold the use of Suriano to get him into the college season. If so, Courtney should get a controlled decision against Jack Medley. A 2020 National Qualifier, Medley is said to be an All-American contender this year, but isn’t quite at Brandon Courtney’s level. Medley is expected to hold the game one decision, but Courtney is a big favorite.

Prediction: Suriano Via decision – Michigan 3, Arizona State 0

Hear Brandon Courtney share his thoughts on a potential matchup with Nick Suriano:

133: 9 Dylan Ragusin (Michigan) v # 6 Michael McGee (Arizona State)

Michael McGee and Dylan Ragusin had similar starts to the season and are both currently in the process of this duel. McGee comes off a surprise victory over All-American Korbin Myers while Ragusin won the CKLV in his last competition. Along with that success, both wrestlers fell to lower-ranked wrestlers early in the season – McGee at HM Job Greenwood and Ragusin at # 12 Anthony Madrigal.

This match should be wild in Austin and will likely be decided by one or two “bursts” due to Dylan Ragusin’s “gun” style. Sometimes this style pays off for Ragusin, but other times it puts him in unnecessary danger. I’m giving McGee a slight advantage based on his experience and ability to achieve his scoring ability. Whatever the outcome, this one should be a lot of fun.

Prediction: McGee by decision – Michigan 3, Arizona State 3

Victory for Dylan Ragusin in the CKLV final against Chris Cannon

141: # 4 Stevan Micic (Michigan) vs. # 16 Jesse Vasquez (Arizona State)

Olympian and three-time All-American Stevan Micic is back for one final ride in a Michigan jersey. Seasoned vet Micic should be a big favorite against freshman Jesse Vasquez. While Micic should take the win, it will be interesting to see how he presents himself at 141 and if he is able to push for bonus points against Vasquez. I think Vasquez should be able to keep the game on one decision as Micic is not a prolific turner and Vasquez is savvy enough to prevent Micic from widening the gap.

Prediction: Micic By Decision – Michigan 6, Arizona State 3

149: #HM Kanen Storr (Michigan) vs. # 7 Kyle Parco (Arizona State)

Kyle Parco is just 6th at last year’s NCAA tournament and is 10-1 this season. As Parco claimed a victory over All-American # 9 Jonathan Millner and # 17 Kaden Gfeller, he just suffered the loss to # 13 Beau Bartlett last week. Parco will be looking to get back on track against tough Kanen Storr who just injured his knee from CKLV. This injury, combined with Parco’s ability to score in a variety of ways, makes Parco a considerable favorite against Storr.

Prediction: Parco by decision – Michigan 6, Arizona State 6

Parco’s victory over Jaron Jenson of Wyoming in the 2021 Cowboy Open final:

157: 13 Will Lewan (Michigan) v # 4 Jacori Teemer (Arizona State)

Jacori Teemer vs. Will Lewan should be fantastic! The two met last year at the NCAA tournament where Teemer won 4-2 in overtime. Teemer vs Lewan is a real “style clash” as Teemer thrives on counterattacks and Lewan is careful and calculated in his offensive attacks. Teemer will try to force Lewan into uncomfortable wrestling situations while Lewan will seek to maintain his position and wear out Teemer in the hand fight. I prefer the wrestler with more ways of scoring and, in this match, it’s Teemer.

Prediction: Teemer by decision – Michigan 6, Arizona State 9

Teemer and Lewan’s match stick at the 2018 World Junior Team Trials:

165: # 11 Cam Amine (Michigan) vs. # 9 Anthony Valencia (Arizona State)

Cam Amine and Anthony Valencia were scheduled to face each other in last year’s NCAA tournament 7th / 8th place game, but an injury at Valencia kept that game from going. We see it in Austin and, like Teemer-Lewan, it’s a bit of a clash of styles. Valencia, who just made the Mexican national team, are dynamic with their iconic brace and have racked up their bonus point production this year with a bonus in 6 of their 10 wins. Cam Amine is more calculated and typical “grid” his victories. In fact, 5 of Amine’s 7 wins this season have been 3 points or less. For Amine to win he will have to limit Valencia’s offensive in the first and win the battle on the mat. Amine is certainly capable, but at this point Valencia may be a bit too much for young Amine.

Prediction: Valencia by decision – Michigan 6, Arizona State 12

Watch Anthony Valencia dominate at the Cowboy Open 2021:

174: 6 Logan Massa (Michigan) v Cael Valencia / Zane Coleman (Arizona State)

Logan Massa, like Myles Amine and Stevan Micic, is back in Michigan’s lineup for one final race. Massa played his first and only competition of the season at the Cleveland State Open where he went 5-0 with 4 bonus points. Massa will be a big favorite in this duel, but there is still some uncertainty as to who Arizona State will send to 174.

Cael Valencia is still in a red shirt for Arizona State but had an impressive first half of the season with wins over Hayden Hastings and HM Tyler Eischens, # 13. Valencia also qualified current Arizona State starter Zane Coleman at the Cowboy Open, 12-4. No matter who takes the all-in for the Sun Devils, Massa has the potential to get some much-needed bonus points. If it’s Valencia, I predict a major. If Coleman, a tech or a pin is at hand.

Prediction: Massa by major decision – Michigan 10, Arizona State 12

184: 2 Myles Amine (Michigan) v Josh Nummer (Arizona State)

Olympic bronze medalist Myles Amine will be a big favorite against Josh Nummer on Monday night in Austin. Amine is set to compete in the Matmen Open, but has yet to play a folk-style match this season. While he’s still getting rid of the folkstyle rust, expect Amine to score big points against Josh Nummer. Young Sun Devil has had a rough start to the season and is currently 3-7. Beyond that, he gave up bonus points in 5 of his 7 losses. Amine has a dynamic attack and expects him to score on his feet in a variety of ways. I’m expecting bonus points for the Wolverines here.

Prediction: Amine by Tech Fall – Michigan 15, Arizona State 12

197: # 10 Patrick Brucki (Michigan) vs. # 9 Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State)

Brucki v Norfleet could be the third top 10 encounter in the duel and should be phenomenal. Although they have never met in college competition, they have encountered many common opponents and achieved similar results. In fact, this year Brucki and Norfleet lost a close 2-point game against No.8 Jake Woodley. Likewise, I would expect this game to be decided by two points or less and will likely depend on who wins the standing battle. I give Norfleet a slight advantage but the margins are very fine.

Prediction: Norfleet by decision – Michigan 15, Arizona State 15

Norfleet’s victory over All-American Stephen Buchanan from last season:

285: # 2 Mason Parris (Michigan) vs. # 3 Cohlton Shultz (Arizona State)

Who doesn’t love a good big man game !? Mason Parris vs. Cohlton Shultz should be a battle and is a showdown between age level world champions. Parris won a world junior title (freestyle) in 2019 while Schultz won a world junior title in 2017 (in greco).

Mason Parris has been the second best heavyweight in the country for the past two seasons (behind Gable Steveson) and will be the small favorite against Schultz. The Arizona State big man took 4th place at last year’s NCAA tournament, where he lost just twice to Tony Cassioppi. Parris and Schultz haven’t met in college, but it’s worth mentioning that Parris is 2-0 (with two pins) over the aforementioned Cassioppi. It will be a major test for Schultz and tell us if he has stepped up or if he remains behind the best heavyweights in the country.

Prediction: Paris by decision

Mason Parris will probably need this defense against Schultz:

Predicted final score: Michigan 18, Arizona State 15

So there it is – I have an even distribution in games but Michigan with a slight advantage based on bonus points. If Nick Suriano doesn’t fight for the Wolverines it will be a huge blow to their chances of winning and Michigan will have to win one of 4 draw games at 133, 157, 165 or 197. Arizona side State of affairs, the Sun Devils will have to limit bonus points and win the big draw matches to take out the Wolverines. Whatever happens, this duel will be one of the best of the season and offer an incredible fight from start to finish. Be sure to tune in on Monday, January 3 at 8 p.m. ET so you don’t miss a thing!

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