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WWE has long been regarded as the Premier League of professional wrestling, with the best of the best looking to make their mark where so many other workers have failed.

The growing popularity of promotions like New Japan and Impact among the birth of All Elite Wrestling has seen a great exodus of wrestling fans in recent years. However, WWE remains the biggest promotion in the professional wrestling world, thanks in large part to its immense history within the industry.

As with any sport, a wrestler’s career is measured by the championships he has won; championships are the primary form of post-career proof of whether they have accomplished anything important.

Over the years, WWE has had seemingly endless revolving doors of championships introduced and withdrawn as a result. Even some of the most prestigious belts have become inactive in the ever-changing business.

WWE tends to bring back particular championships at the request of fans, completing key storylines or rewarding a wrestler for their efforts without harming the stock of their current champions.

We’ve seen the Cruiserweight Championship, WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, and even the Million Dollar Championship so far return to the fold in recent years, but which titles that occupy the Hall of Fame deserve their own resurrection?

BONUS: WWE International Heavyweight Championship (WWF FKA)

The International Heavyweight Championship was a sign of an NJPW / WWF working relationship.
The International Heavyweight Championship was a sign of an NJPW / WWF working relationship.

This little-known title was included as an unlikely bonus because it was just too mouth-watering not to mention. The WWF International Heavyweight Champion is the result of a working relationship between WWE / F and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Professional wrestling legend Antonino Rocca won the title first, beating Buddy Rogers to become the first champion.

WWE was reportedly in talks earlier this year with the NJPW over a working relationship, supposedly to support their contract negotiations with homeless Bryan Danielson, news that the entire wrestling community on the Internet was discussing the dream matches she would like to see.

It would have been an incredible decision for all of professional wrestling if WWE had given up on tribalism and worked with NJPW. Using the international heavyweight championship as the beacon of their alliance would have been the perfect platform to display crossover promotional dream fights.

The title also holds a sense of prestige because of the names that held it during the first iteration, and would prove to be a much sought-after accolade for anyone during their career.

As unlikely as it is that we will ever see the title return, it would be a forbidden door smashing move to change the landscape of professional wrestling and spoil fans with the best wrestling.

# 3 WWE European Championship (NXT)

William Regal was the second of two solo European champions in title history.
William Regal was the second of two solo European champions in title history.

The European Championship was a top Attitude Era WWE staple. Despite its name, the European title was held only by two champions of European origin, British Bulldog and William Regal.

We have recently witnessed a significant influx of European talent to WWE, as well as the company’s international expansion with its weekly NXT UK show. With names like Drew McIntyre, WALTER, Sheamus and Cesaro all hailing from Europe, it would be very beneficial to bring the European Championship to NXT to add connective tissue between the brands.

NXT UK has suffered from the Speaking Out movement, which has had far-reaching and worrying implications for the list, as well as restrictions put in place by the UK in response to the COVID pandemic.

The introduction of the European Championship would help rebuild the NXT UK brand and could also be used as a tool to celebrate the influx of European talent into the WWE roster.

# 2 WWE World Martial Arts Championship (FKA WWF)

Antonio Inoki won the short-lived championship when he visited the United States
Antonio Inoki won the short-lived championship when he visited the United States

Wrestling and mixed martial arts share a sibling rivalry, both retaining similarities that bind them together and differences that divide fan bases. Over the years, a number of talents have made the transition from MMA to professional wrestling and vice versa.

Names like Matt Riddle, Junior Dos Santos, Ronda Rousey and Cain Velazquez have found their way from the Octagon to Squared Circle and we’ve seen talent like CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Jake Hager and Bobby Lashley come into the cage with different Success levels.

In addition to dual-sport talent, wrestling has also taken on the influence of MMA, with the main examples being Fight Pit Match, GCW Bloodsport and the short-lived Raw Underground. What could add new dynamics to WWE would be a Martial Arts Championship, once held by legendary Antonio Inoki as part of the aforementioned working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The Championship would be defended in MMA rules matches like the Fight Pit and could be sought out by Riddle, Bobby Lashley and Timothy Thatcher while also providing scenarios for dual sport crossovers. Names like Daniel Cormier and Conor McGregor have been linked to WWE for years and a title to celebrate transitions crossing barriers would help encourage and attract MMA fans looking over the fence.

If WWE is ever considering giving Raw Underground another shot, then the Martial Arts Championship could give the concept some legitimate stakes and reasons for the talent involved to be there.

# 1 WWE Canadian Championship (FKA WWF)

The Canadian Heavyweight Championship has had a short-lived history, owned only by Dino Bravo.
The Canadian Heavyweight Championship has had a short-lived history, being owned only by Dino Bravo.

National championships serve as the base rewards for talent on their way to the top. Seen as the first step in a successful career, these titles serve as workhorse belts suitable for pace-driven battles, while world titles are reserved for milestone events to showcase the top of the list. .

WWE is currently sanctioning the US and UK Championships, celebrating two major regions of the wrestling world. However, there is one wrestling region that deserves respect as well.

Canada is home to some of the best talent to ever step into the ring, including middle legends like Stu, Bret and Owen Hart as well as current stars like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Kenny Omega.

Unlike other championships on this list, the Canadian Championship has only had one champion in its short lifespan, Dino Bravo. It would have a cool feel while celebrating the best of the wealthy wrestling region.

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