5 fighters who could enter UFC, Bellator with wins in January


Registration: 9-1
Age: 27
Weight class: Lightweight
Height: 5’11”
Place of birth:
Marshall, TX
Next fight:
Jan. 21 vs. Artur Estrazulas (12-5) at LFA 122 in St. Louis (UFC Fight Pass)

Fund: Since he was 3 years old, Brant Moore wanted to be a martial artist – like Chuck Norris, whom his grandmother watched on television. Moore entered Bruce Lee, and the anime followed. It was all about action for him. Not only was MMA the closest he could come to making himself a fantasy and movie character, but it helped him gain confidence after numerous incidents of school bullying. Karate was first, then boxing. Although he found success in boxing, Moore wanted to do kickboxing. With a lack of kickboxing events in his area, Moore gave MMA a shot. After some struggles early in his amateur career, Moore found success and won nine of his first 10 professional fights.

The lean: Moore is awesome both in the cage and on the mic. With a likable personality, tie-dye walkout shirts, and dominating skills, Moore is a complete package. These are all great attributes, but perhaps what stands out the most is his spirit. He is smart inside and outside the cage. Ever loyal to training partner and mentor Derrick Krantz, Moore made the decision to broaden his horizons and train at Glory MMA & Fitness under trainer James Krause. The gym is full of UFC and Bellator killers who have only elevated Moore’s game. His January 21 opponent will be tough, but if he wins, it’s eight in a row – and that should be enough for a big promotion knocking on his door.

In his own words“I really know that if I win this fight, I’ll make sure I’m ready to do something after the fight. What happens a lot now that I see is people are coming in on short notice and sometimes people have to go through the Contender series (by Dana White). There are many different ways to enter. At this point, where I am, with Glory, it’s not that I’m not in a hurry, it’s that I trust the process. I have confidence in my skills. I trust my coach. … I really feel like I can go to the UFC, be in the top 10 and maybe even be a champion in the next three to five years. I certainly don’t want it to be too fast or at the wrong time or anything. I think less these days about what’s next, and more about what’s to come, if that makes sense.

“…(If I was in the UFC tomorrow), I’d be smoking somebody’s shit. Under James and with all my training partners, I can’t even tell you how good I am mentally. Just being at Glory, the vibes, the coaches, the training, the sparring partners, it’s one of the toughest rooms in the world. Whoever would be standing across from me probably wasn’t grappling with Grant (Dawson) or punching with James (Krause).


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