5 UFC fighters who could retire in 2022


UFC fighters know their days at the top are numbered and there will come a time when they realize their best years have passed them. When that happens, suddenly it’s time to hang up their gloves.

The fighting game has a huge impact on the mind and body of fighters, and their careers are often short-lived compared to athletes in other sports.

The question that UFC fighters often grapple with is when is the right time to retire? Due to the violent nature of the sport, fighters usually absorb a lot of damage over the years and after a while take time in their professional careers to avoid risking permanent damage.

While some fighters like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Georges St-Pierre are smart enough to go out while still being on top of their game, there are others who end up stretching their careers.

There are also fighters who have achieved their goals in the promotion and have nothing more to hope for, as well as those who can no longer achieve their goals. Some fighters even lose the motivation to go through rigorous training to stay in their best shape after amassing a lot of wealth.

As a new calendar year full of high-octane UFC fights approaches, let’s take a look at five fighters who could pull back the curtains of their careers in 2022.

# 5. Jorge Masvidal – UFC welterweight

Jorge Masvidal already unsuccessfully challenged for welterweight title twice
Jorge Masvidal already unsuccessfully challenged for welterweight title twice

UFC welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal is one of the most popular fighters today. After resurrecting his career with a spectacular knockout victory over Darren Till, “Gamebred” finally began to gain the attention he always deserved.

Masvidal’s popularity exploded when he knocked out Ben Askren with a flying knee in just five seconds, registering the fastest knockout in UFC history. “Gamebred” then stopped Nate Diaz via TKO (doctor’s stop) in their “BMF” title fight at UFC 244.

5 seconds knockout 🤯 masvidal just knocked out ben askren https://t.co/iPlMTi4ENo

Since then, however, Masvidal’s career has stalled. The Miami native fought Kamaru Usman for the title on short notice at UFC 251, late replacing Gilbert Burns.

Usman completely muffled Masvidal’s strike in the fight with his dominant fight. After five rounds, Usman was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

“Give me six weeks, man.” The words @GamebredFighter said to Dana White after UFC 251. Now Kamaru Usman has given her a full camp and another blow. How is it going to play out? (🎥 UFC Countdown) https://t.co/L8JhBxK2MV

At UFC 261, Usman gave Masvidal a second shot at the title, this time with a full fight camp behind him. As “Gamebred” looked confident heading into the rematch, he found out why Usman is nicknamed “The Nigerian Nightmare”.

In the second round, Usman knocked out Masvidal with a devastating right hand.

With back-to-back title losses, it looks like Masvidal won’t get another title as long as Usman remains the champion. He could fight Colby Covington in a grudge match, something that would certainly intrigue fans, but even winning this fight wouldn’t allow him to win another title.

Masvidal might even seek new pasture inside the boxing ring, as Jake Paul called him recently. A big paycheck for ‘The Problem Child’ is an opportunity Masvidal would likely appreciate. To do this, however, he must first part ways with the UFC.

At 37, Masvidal is not getting any younger and already has 50 fights to his name. He made a lot of money from the sport and the knockout he suffered against Usman must have taken a lot from his chin, which had already taken some punishment over the years.

When it comes to MMA, it might be time for Masvidal to go for sunset. He should probably fight Paul for the money, grab that paycheck, and then focus on the various other businesses he’s got his hands on.

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