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Cobra Kai has all the things that made the original Karate Kid Great. It features unique training sequences, healthy master-student relationships and exciting tournaments. It also has 80s music for good measure. With Season 4 coming to an end, fans might be looking for something to fill the void left by it. Fortunately, there is a place that meets all the needs of a Cobra Kai fan– anime.

A lot of anime have the things that do Cobra Kai and Karate Kid so pleasant. Aspects of Cobra Kai like training montages and martial arts fights can be found in all kinds of anime. Whether it be Pokemon Where Fullmetal Alchemist, there will always be anime characters who use self-defense techniques they haven’t learned on earthly affairs. There’s even a dinosaur movie called You are Umasu about a T. rex that fights other dinosaurs with kicks, throws, and leg sweeps. Despite the ubiquity of martial arts in anime, some series really focus on the art of combat and how far you go to hone and improve your skills. Here are some such anime that not only emphasizes martial arts but also reminds viewers Cobra Kai by other means.

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DBZ and DBS can sort of fulfill this need, but not as well as the original dragonball. This part of the series features can be divided into two types of story arcs; Chase the Dragon Balls and compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Regarding the latter type, Dragon Ball covered the events of the 21st-23rd tournaments and sees Goku and the gang testing their abilities against a myriad of fighters.

Perhaps most like Cobra Kai would be the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. The central conflict of this Tournament opposed two great schools of martial arts. The first was Master Roshi’s Turtle School consisting of Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha. Their main competitors were the Master Shen’s Crane School represented by Tien and Chiaotzu. The hostile rivalry between these two martial arts schools is reminiscent of that between Cobra Kai and Miyagido karate.

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Fist of the North Star

Kenshiro vs. Raoh

Fist of the North Star is similar to Cobra Kai in two ways. The first is in the antagonists that show up. In a post-apocalypse reminiscent madmax, violent biker gangs run rampant and terrorize what’s left of civilization. They can be unreasonably cruel and are easily provoked. The only ones strong enough to stop them are powerful martial artists like Kenshiro. Antagonists like these also appear all the time in Cobra Kai.

The other similarity is in the show’s focus on martial artists. Aside from bikers, Kenshiro constantly had to go up against practitioners of Hokuto Seiken, Nanto Seiken, and all sorts of other fighting styles. Polestar Fist 2 took it a step further by having Ken travel to the land of Asura, which is made up entirely of martial artists. The way these characters communicate through their fists is like Cobra Kai and Karate Kid in general.

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Ranma 1/2


This series also highlights different schools of martial arts fighting against each other. Representing the Anything Goes martial arts school, Saotome Ranma and their fiancé Tendo Akane inherited this style of martial arts from their parents, who themselves learned it from Happosai. Anything Goes was a form of mixed martial arts that borrowed from other fighting styles and philosophies to create a complete and highly adaptable style for the practitioner.

Ranma often found himself using his martial arts training to defend himself from all sorts of other martial artists. Moreover, the martial artists they face are very varied. In Ranma 1/2, martial arts could be centered around just about anything, from rhythmic gymnastics to cooking to figure skating. Ranma must either discover the counters of all these different styles or integrate their moves into their own style to win.

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Mobile G Gundam Fighter

g gundam anime 1995

When you are looking for a good martial arts anime but also want to watch mecha anime, G Gundam is a good way to meet both needs at once. In this version of Gundam, war has been replaced by the Gundam Fights, a quadrennial martial arts competition. The winning nation has the right to rule the outer space colonies until the next competition. The series revolved around Kasshu Domon, the representative fighter of Japan.

One of the most attractive aspects of G Gundam was Domon’s relationship with his teacher Master Asia. Prior to the start of the series, Domon formed a strong bond of trust with the Eastern Undefeated and learned all he could from him. Their relationship sours on the show proper, but the connection between them creates all sorts of highly emotional drama. It’s not unlike a relationship Johnny or Daniel would form with one of their students.

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Hajime No Ippo

Hajime no Ippo has a simple premise. The story followed high school student Makunouchi Ippo as he pursues a career as a professional boxer. He goes through all kinds of training and drills and when he finally steps into the ring, it’s intense. Matches aren’t just decided by who is the strongest, but who can land the most punches while standing. The series embodies the idea of ​​shedding blood, sweat and tears into one’s passion.

Hajime no Ippo also embodies the fundamentals of mastering a fighting style. Ippo didn’t just learn how to punch, he understood all the ins and outs of boxing that make a difference in a match. The level of detail with which the sport of boxing is elaborated shows both vast knowledge and understanding on the part of the writer. Even Cobra Kai is not so detailed on the art of karate.

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Baki is a good but brutal alternative to fighting in Cobra Kai. The worst thing that happens to West Valley on screen is a broken back and a coma. Baki, on the other hand, regularly deals with broken bones and much worse. Indeed, the series deals with underground combat without limits. Fighters use lethal force in an effort to see who can pull off the best ridiculous feat of combat.

It is important to remember that the 2018 Baki on Netflix is ​​neither an original adaptation nor a reboot. It should be treated as a continuation of the original 2001 anime series. The 2018 anime showed Baki having had many experiences and met all kinds of people. He also upped the ante by adding dangerous criminals to his list of enemies. Viewers trying to boot from this series run the risk of losing key context.

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Ashura of Kengan

Baki and Ohma

Kengan Ashura is yet another brutal martial arts anime on Netflix. The series is set in a world where business deals are made in intense matches between skilled fighters. Where Baki is all about seeing who can look the strongest in the coolest way, Kengan Ashura really goes in depth describing the moves and mechanics of all sorts of fighting styles. It’s a bit like Hajime no Ippo in that regard.

Kengan Ashura and Baki are a little hard to talk about in the same breath without making a comparison. Kengan Ashura seems to be heavily influenced by Baki to the point of wondering if the former would exist without the latter. Both shows feature, among other things, fighters of all kinds of creeds, styles, and backgrounds who fight ruthlessly with wild smiles on their faces. Anyone who likes one of these series will probably like the other.

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The most powerful disciple in Kenichi’s history

This series is good for anyone who loves the training aspect of Cobra Kai. Like Miguel, Kenichi began his streak with no natural talents or strength; if anything, it’s below average. He has qualified instructors, but he still had to work hard to get the most out of their teachings. He went through all sorts of nightmarish workouts not only to improve his skills but also to strengthen his body.

What’s really amazing about Kenichi is his drive. Between all the tough training and the constant losses, most people would be likely to give up, but not Kenichi. His determination allowed him to push through, which makes him the most powerful disciple. Kenichi’s Inspirational Journey Captures the Same Spirit of ’80s Sports Movies Cobra Kai is famous for.

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