8 fighters with the most knockout wins in the UFC


The UFC is full of knockout victories, but some fighters are more likely to overpower their opponents than others. As you start creating knockout after knockout, the other fighters start to sweat, wondering if they even have a chance to stay conscious in the fight.

The MMA betting odds would light up every time these 8 knockout champions entered the ring.

1. Derrick Lewis – 13 wins by knockout

With 13 knockout victories under his belt, no one has beaten Lewis’ claim to fame. However, many fighters are on his trail.

The previous owner of “The Fighter With The Most KO Wins” was Vitor Belfort, but in 2021 Lewis stole the title for himself. Between 2014 and 2021, Lewis dominated the ring and his incredible power continues to beat even the best.

Lewis’ style is to hit them hard and hit them fast, preferring to end the battle quickly rather than participate in an endurance test.

2. Vitor Belfort – 12 wins by KO

In total, throughout his martial arts career, Belfort won 18 times by knockout, but today we only look at the UFC.

His last victory by KO dates back to 2015 against Dan Henderson. This fight was the highlight of the night and even won the “Performance of the Night” award. But since then, Belfort has also had a few defeats by Total Knockout.

His last fight was in 2018 and retired as the fighter with the most knockout wins of all time in the UFC. In just 3 years, this title would be taken away from him.

3. Matt Brown – 12 wins by knockout

Although Brown comes in second with those 12 wins by knockout, he only reached that number in 2021, meaning Belfort came in first. This is the only reason Brown is under this co-winner, as Brown has only been defeated 3 times by knockout.

Brown’s last win by knockout was in 2021 against Dhiego Lima after 3:02 minutes in the second round. The fight earned the title “Performance of the Night”, in the Las Vegas ring.

4. Anderson Silva – 11 wins by knockout

In his entire mixed martial arts career, Silva won 23 fights by knockout, but only 11 of those were in the UFC.

He competed in the UFC between 2006 and 2020, leaving the ring due to an injury that required major surgery. Healthy and happy, Silvas has recovered wonderfully, but is unlikely to make it to another fight.

Silva’s last knockout victory was in 2012, and at that time he was the main knockout king.

5. Anthony Johnson – 11 wins by knockout

Throughout his mixed martial arts career, Johnson has had 17 wins by knockout and just 1 loss for the same feat. In the UFC, that translates to 11 wins by knockout, making the UFC their favorite fighting arena.

Johnson’s last victory by knockout dates back to 2021 against José Augusto Azevedo Barros. The fight lasted 2 rounds, and in the second round, the knockout occurred after exactly 1 minute 30.

His most impressive knockout came in 2016 against Glover Teixeira when Johnson won the fight in just 13 seconds. As you can imagine, this fight earned Johnson the title “Performance of the Night”.

6. Thiago Silva – 11 wins by knockout

Siva won 15 fights by knockout, but only 11 of those were in the UFC. His last knockout victory was in 2017 against Daniel Toledo, but unlike the others on this list, this knockout was an endurance fight.

After 2 rounds of fighting, Silva had to keep punching for another 4:29 minutes before Toledo’s body finally gave way. This win wasn’t even in the UFC but showed how much stamina Silva had.

His last UFC KO was in 2013 against Rafael Cavalcante, and the fight won “Knockout of the Night” and “Fight of the Night”.

7. Michael Bisping – 10 wins by KO

10 of Bisping’s 18 knockout wins have come in the UFC. His last victory by KO dates back to 2016 against Luke Rockhold. The battle was in Inglewood, California, and the match was so intense that Bisping won “Performance of the Night,” but that’s not the most impressive part.

This fight was a battle for the UFC middleweight championship. Such a big fight should have been a tough battle of strength, but after just 3:36 minutes into the first, Rockhold collapsed due to an almighty punch from Bisping, earning that hitter the UFC middleweight championship by 10 knockouts!

8. Cain Velasquez – 10 wins by KO

Velasquez’s last win by knockout was in 2016 against Travis Browne. The fight lasted one round and after 4:57 minutes Browne couldn’t take the beatings anymore. The fight earned them both the “Performance of the Night” award and pushed Velasquez into the top 4 for most knockout wins.


Technically, Junior Dos Santos, Donald Cerrone, Dustin Poirier and Francis Ngannou also have to be mentioned as each of them has won 10 wins by knockout during their UFC career. But the Bisping and Velasquez fights were so entertaining that we pushed them above the rest.


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