Adam Piccolotti on ‘big risk, big reward’ against Mansour Barnaoui


Adam Piccolotti tests his skills with Mansour Barnaoui at Bellator 287 on October 29.

Piccolotti appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts again and covered several topics during our conversation. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

Adam Piccolotti

Thoughts on Barnaoui being a multi-promotion champion and being his first Bellator opponent

“They bring the old dog here to do the dirty work. They’ve got this guy coming in that not many people know about unless you’re a hardcore guy, so you definitely know him, don’t you. I’m excited about the game. Look, I’m for big risks, big rewards because I have faith in myself. So if they give me a guy who’s a badass like that guy and he’s got pretty much no name in the States.

“But they are ready to give me this place for the main event, it is worth it for me. From the manager’s point of view, if it was an under/prelim card, it would have no sense because this guy doesn’t have that name recognition at least yet, in the United States and within Bellator. But I’m happy to welcome him to a big stage over there in Italy.

Bellator 287

Thoughts on Barnaoui’s mixed martial arts skill set and the amount of tape studies Piccolotti does

“Yeah, I’m not that guy. I watch tapes, sure, but I’m not like the guy who studies too much. I like to let my trainers deal with it and allow them to understand its tendencies, its habits, the things it likes to do and stuff like that. So I know the guy can struggle. I know his Jiu-Jitsu is good. He has a handful of bare rear chokes under his belt. I know the guy can hit. I know he’s going to be tall, lean and strong for sure like everyone else I fight. Studying the tape is important, but consider that there is a point of overstudy that many people fall into.


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