“Add that to the rest of my accolades”



Conor McGregor claims he is “the highest-paid debut actor of all time” after filming his film debut.

In August, it was revealed that the “Notorious” will appear alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in Amazon Prime’s new reimagining of the 1980s classic, Road House.

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Conor McGregor’s directorial debut is slated for release in 2023

The Oscar nominee will play a former UFC fighter who accepts a job as a bouncer at a bar in the Florida Keys, but soon discovers that all is not as it seems.

Although it is currently unknown who will play McGregor in his acting debut, it has been confirmed that he will be an original character and that the charismatic Irishman will not be playing himself.

The 34-year-old traveled to the Dominican Republic to shoot his scenes in September and just wrapped up to focus on his 2023 comeback in MMA.

However, he couldn’t help but brag about how much money he made for his debut movie, which he says makes him the highest-paid debutant of all time.

In a since-deleted tweet, McGregor wrote, “I’m the highest paid debut actor ever. Add that to the rest of my accolades.

According to the man himself, he earned every penny after doing his own stunts which apparently left him a bit worse for wear.

@thenotoriousmma – instagram

“Notorious” documented some of her time on set

The 34-year-old injured himself doing his own stunts

@thenotoriousmma – instagram

The 34-year-old injured himself doing his own stunts

“I am still recovering. I did all my stunts for it,” McGregor added. “I didn’t think the stuntman we had looked like me, so I wouldn’t have him used. To my detriment. It was a lot of work.”

McGregor will soon enter camp ahead of his highly anticipated return to MMA that fans have been waiting for since he suffered an injury at UFC 264.

The former double-weight champion is targeting a return to action in the first quarter of 2023, but may be forced to wait a bit longer if United State Anti-Doping [USADA] has something to do with it.

USADA hasn’t tested McGregor at all in 2022 and it’s believed the Dubliner needs to be on the anti-doping program for at least six months before he can fight again.

Dana White recently suggested that the first “Mystic Mac” could return in April, but the UFC president has the authority to grant him an exemption from that protocol if he returns to two negative tests beforehand.

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