Alistair Overeem claims that K1 still owes him 400K; defends UFC in ongoing fighters pay debate


Alistair Overeem has suggested that while he understands why UFC fighters are pushing for more pay, the UFC still pays its fighters the contract amounts.

In an appearance on former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman Will not back down podcast, Alistair Overeem said:

“… Some promotions don’t pay … so in that regard, the UFC always pays its bills. There’s an argument about fighters ‘pay. You know, I get that. But they pay. D’ other promotions do not pay. “

Additionally, Alistair Overeem alleged that K-1 – a well-known martial arts promotion registered in Hong Kong – owed him around $ 400,000. ‘The Demolition Man’ pointed out that he has not been paid this amount to date.

Opening up on his experience working with other martial arts promotions. “The Reem” said:

“Well they [UFC] are absolutely huge, right? – The biggest MMA promotion. But, you know, if I look at the other promotions, okay, K-1 didn’t pay me my prize money. That’s a lot of money. That check for $ 400,000, they never wired it. “

You can watch Alistair Overeem’s conversation with Chris Weidman in the video below:

Alistair Overeem aims for heavyweight Glory gold, while Chris Weidman works on return to UFC

Alistair Overeem was scheduled to face Glory heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven at Glory Collision: 3 on October 23. However, an injury forced him to withdraw from this fight. The former UFC fighter is set to return to face Verhoeven in 2022.

Meanwhile, Chris Weidman suffered a horrific leg injury at UFC 261 in April. The UFC middleweight star has worked hard to recover and return to training. “The All-American” has always maintained that if his recovery goes as planned, he could fight again in 2022.

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