Are they the new Ken & Ryu from Alex and Luke Street Fighter?


street fighter always had two protagonists: Ryu against another new rival. These different adversaries often have their own themes and story reasons to contrast with him. Comparing the last two games in the timeline, how are Luke and Alex different, and what does this mean for the audience of street fighter?

Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 is coming soon to PlayStation, Xbox and PC and aims to finally take the story beyond Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. As always, Ryu remains the core main character and “Shotokan” archetype, but this time he’s joined by Luke as the game’s dual main protagonist. Ryu will still need a worthy opponent to rival him. , and these characters changed from game to game. While Luke has many similarities to Alex, the protagonist of the Street Fighter III series, it also has enough interesting differences.

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The motivations of these two brawlers differ, and yet they both complement Ryu’s stoic warrior role in the series. For Alex from Street Fighter III, his reason for participating in the World Warrior tournament is his revenge against Gill, the cult leader’s antagonist. Gill fought and brutally injured Alex’s father figure and teacher, Tom.

In contrast, Luke begins his journey in Street Fighter V as a member of the United States military hoping to protect those like his father who protected civilians from a terrorist attack as a child. A bitter urge fuels Alex, which is very different from Luke’s more empathetic reason to fight in honor of his father. Luke’s story in SFV concludes with him deciding to leave the military and find his way in a different way. Alex’s story begins with him already looking to learn and grow as a fighter, but he’s arrogant about his talent.

Both characters are designed to relate to American audiences with their gameplay and aesthetics. Alex is designed after professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, with big sweeping punches that show off an abrasive fighting style typically found in a rowdy wrestling ring. Luke is the newcomer representing more modernized martial arts with a focus on mixed martial arts, heavily inspired by UFC champ Conor McGregor. Each character is a stark contrast to the stoic karate-wielding Ryu, showing a clash between new and old generations of fighters. Both have turned to different mentors to hone their skills, and the fight against Ryu is a great opportunity for them to show how much they’ve improved.

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If Alex shows up in Street Fighter 6 at some point, the interaction between him and Luke would be very interesting. Luke doesn’t fight to hone his skills from fighter to perfect warrior – he fights and trains to protect those around him instead of constantly trying to outdo himself. Luke’s love for the thrill of combat keeps him more grounded when seen mentoring the player character in SFVIof the World Tour campaign. Alex might be looking for a new rival to learn from, someone less rigid than Ryu, so he could challenge the player to a fight to prove his worth.

This potential pairing mirrors the relationship between Ryu and Ken, who often fight against each other to grow stronger and learn more about themselves in the process. Sean, Ken’s apprentice SF3, another fighter among the new cast, could complete the couple to form a trio. These new friendly enemies could be the star characters for a new generation of fighting game fans. Each could bring a visually captivating yet beginner-friendly gameplay style, helping to ease new players into the genre.


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