Behind-the-scenes update on Gable Steveson’s WWE progress (or lack thereof…)



WWE’s quest to build its next Olympic megastar has stalled.

A Sunday Night Main Event appearance saw the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer documenting Gable Steveson’s stumbling career in WWE, which has been lagging behind. Among Meltzer’s key points was the promotion’s original idea to debut Steveson as a wrestler at WrestleMania 38, which obviously didn’t materialize. Instead, Steveson was involved in a fleeting interaction with Chad Gable during the April supershow.

WWE intended to hasten the Olympic gold medalist to the main stage of the event now. Although the 22-year-old is currently training with company veteran Ken Anderson, there is now talk of returning to college for another NCAA wrestling season, despite his apparent retirement from the amateur circuit in May.

According to Meltzer, WWE wanted to make Steveson the new Brock Lesnar, going so far as to send coaches to college or Minnesota during the college wrestling season. While Gable was committed to completing the NCAA, WWE would attempt to prepare him for his transition into sports entertainment. There is currently no confirmation that this is actually happening.

Drafted to Raw in October 2021, WWE expected Gable to make sporadic red brand appearances to develop him throughout the year. Now his wrestling career is a mystery, despite the fanfare that accompanied his August 2021 signing.

Steveson has not appeared on camera for WWE since night two of ‘Mania 38’ (April 3). A 2020 Tokyo Games Olympic gold medalist, competing in the men’s 125kg freestyle wrestling division, Gable won his second NCAA Division I wrestling championship in Detroit last May.

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