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Take a lick

and keep ticking

Those who have watched Deron Williams during his career in Illinois and the NBA have never questioned his tenacity. He quickly recovered from a broken jaw sustained in a game against Illinois. The two-time Olympic gold medalist once again showed how tough he was in a boxing exhibition match against former NFL running back Frank Gore on December 18. Williams won the game in four rounds by split decision. “I’ve always been a physical point guard,” Williams said afterwards. “I never hesitated to get in touch, and I showed it. People think basketball is sweet, but I never was. This is what I was trying to accomplish here. Looks like Williams, who trains in mixed martial arts, isn’t coming back to the boxing ring anytime soon. Good call.

Best bowl

sponsor never …

Easy, Jimmy Kimmel, who was heavily involved in Saturday’s Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl between Utah State and Oregon State. The late-night talk show host performed clarinet during the “Star-Spangled Banner” with the Oregon State Marching Band. The bowl also introduced a mascot: Jimmy Kammel. During a clever / disgusting moment during the broadcast, the mascot threw up in a trash can after a “grueling” workout. Kimmel appeared on the air during the show and seemed to genuinely enjoy the experience. Hopefully the game will return in 2022. And that other actors lend their name to the balls. Certainly there are games for Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell.

The GOAT has played

like a turkey

Over the years, BOB has put aside his disdain for Tom Brady. It’s hard not to respect someone who has won so often at a high level. That didn’t happen last Sunday night when the visiting New Orleans Saints frustrated the Super Bowl champions with a 9-0 victory. Brady was gone. Really far away. Almost looking like a human. He totally lost it on the sidelines after throwing an interception, pulling a tablet into the ground. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was not withdrawn. It was Brady’s first shutout loss in 15 years. It badly damaged the Bucs’ repeat hopes, leaving the team in third place in the NFC standings with three games to go. The Bucs want to avoid a playoff trip to Green Bay and the loss to New Orleans hasn’t helped. Of course, Brady has already won more than his share of Super Bowls, so giving someone else a ring is fine with me.


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