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90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Yolanda Leak’s new boyfriend, John, isn’t a catfish like her ex, Williams. Meet the mysterious half of “Jolanda”.

Yolanda Leaked 90 day fiancé had a storyline that essentially turned into an episode of Catfish because of “Williams,” but now she has a boyfriend Johnny who looks pretty real on Instagram. When Yolanda made her 90 day fiancé: before 90 days debut she hooked up with her mysterious man “Williams” from England. Fans and her kids knew Yolanda was getting ripped off. It was later revealed that the person was Nigerian and used photos of Italian footballer Michele Di Lucchio. However, this time around Yolanda has found love with a real sportsman. John (last name currently unknown) is a martial arts champion.

The 90 day fiancé: the other way Actor Jenny Slatten managed to find love with his catfish Michael Jones, who turned out to be Sumit Singh. They are still together after ten years. However, the mother of six, Yolanda, was not so fortunate in this department, as “Williams” of Manchester ultimately tried to rip her off. If “Williams” never sent her videos or showed her her face, her accent was telling. The accent fans heard on a call was not English and he threatened to release intimate photos of Yolanda to the public if she didn’t send him money. After 90 day fiancé, Yolanda, 52, left with The bachelorette alum Josh Seiter, 33, and got engaged to him in October 2020.

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The swirling reality TV romance quickly crashed and burned, and Josh laser engraved Yolanda’s name on his arm and flirted with it. 90 day fiancé starring Avery Warner. Meanwhile, Yolanda got herself a new, younger boyfriend, John. Las Vegas native Yolanda flaunted her new boyfriend Johnny on Instagram in January 2021. He has since made numerous appearances on his page. Yolanda lovingly tags all the photos of Johny and her with “Jolanda. “

Place in Jolanda

On her own Instagram page, @Johnnywhambam also went public with Yolanda in January. “💪🏾💯 #vegasbaby # 2021,Johnny captioned the selfie with Yolanda, who looked fresher and younger than ever. Johnny received a lot of love from his friends and 90 day fiancé viewers on the post. Someone wrote: “You are so lucky !!!“and another comment said,”wish you infinite love and , stay strong together 🔥 “However, the critics took to Johnny’s page to ask him if he was”weeyums“what if Yolanda was hers”mom.

Johnny does Kung Fu fights

Johnny’s social media page is also filled with self-defense clips and evidence of other physical activity. He shows his subscribers how he managed to become a “North American ICMAC Champion”Twice, according to his bio @johnnywhambam. Yolanda’s beau is also a videographer and appears to own an entertainment company called WhamBam. Above, see Johnny posing with actor and martial artist Michael Jai White in a mock fight.

Yolanda shares a special memory

When Yolanda shared this photo of herself with Johnny in July, many fans mistook her for “Williams” and even commented, asking if she had finally met her mysterious ex. Some people wondered if the photo had been photoshopped. However, in reality, it appears to be a photo the happy couple took on their first date together, which Yolanda captioned, “How it all started and TBH how it still goes… ..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ !! “

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Johnny is Yolanda’s Superman

In August, @johnnywhambam revealed her brand new look on Instagram. Yolanda’s man calls himself the “god kungfu.“With his beard he added the hashtags,”Superman” and “bearded dragonto the mix. According to Johnny, the facial hair makes him look like Clark Kent. Yolanda and Johnny’s love affair has been put to the test, based on their segments on 90 day diaries. Still, fans are happy that 90 day fiancé alum Yolanda followed his heart and found a real fish in the sea.

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