Brendan Schaub weighs in on Tony Ferguson’s decision to switch sides ahead of UFC 279


Brendan Schaub has provided his take on Tony Ferguson’s switch sides ahead of his upcoming fight at UFC 279 on Sept. 10. “El Cucuy” is coming off a brutal knockout loss to Michael Chandler, whom he faced in May. Additionally, Ferguson is currently on a four-game losing streak.

Tony Ferguson usually works alongside a few trusted trainers from different gyms, not being limited to just one gym. Prior to the Chandler match, Ferguson worked with legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach, in addition to honing his general MMA skills with other trainers.

Prior to his highly anticipated return to welterweight against Li Jingliang at UFC 279, Ferguson switched sides and trained at the world renowned Jackson Wink MMA gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

On The Schaub Show, former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub has addressed Tony Ferguson’s shifting fight camps. He suggested that switching sides might not be enough to help ‘El Cucuy’ return to his former glory. ‘Big Brown’ commented that given Ferguson’s recent struggles, he should have been up against a lower level opponent and not someone as dangerous as Jingliang. Schub said:

“He’s with a new side. He’s with Jackson’s camp. I know this from experience. I lost two fights in a row. You begin to question your camp. You start to question everything, and you think it’s a camp problem, and you leave.

Schaub continues:

“You think when you go to a new one those issues are going to stay where Tony was competing, running his side before. These problems follow you wherever you go. It’s not a camp problem. It’s a “you” problem.

Still, Schaub pointed out that sometimes switching sides helps a fighter get a fresh start. He felt that fighters on losing streaks sometimes attribute their setbacks to lack of guidance/help from their coaches. Schaub thinks that in such situations, perhaps switching sides could benefit the fighter.

Watch Schaub discuss the topic at 31:41 in the video below:

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Jackson Wink’s trainer praises Tony Ferguson and hopes El Cucuy moves to the gym full-time

In a recent interview with James Lynch, Jackson Wink’s trainer Brandon Gibson praised former UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson. He said he would like Ferguson to move full-time to Jackson Wink.

“Six Gun” pointed out that they had fun working together. Additionally, he praised Tony Ferguson for his humility, hard work, dedication and great openness to ideas. Gibson said:

“It was cool because he’s such a veteran, such a great champion, and for him to not only be a very open student but to share so much knowledge with the rest of the team was really cool to see.”

Watch Gibson’s review below:

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