‘Bro Went Crazy’: Fans remember ‘rapper’ John Cena as he clashes with fans in resurfaced video


John Cena personified the image of a clean babyface for most of his career. When it comes to being the ultimate, pure good guy in wrestling, only Hulk Hogan could match Cena’s portrayal of the babyface character. But before becoming the head of the cenation, he was a doctor of thuganomics.


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Before Hustle, Loyalty and Respect, there was Word Life Cena. A heel, John Cena, came down the ramp and insulted his opponents by punching and verbally tearing them apart. During this run, Cena has knocked down rivals and even engaged in TV rap battles with wrestlers like Kurt Angle and Big Show.


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Although those rap battles were against WWE stars, a video has surfaced that shows Cena engaging in a rap battle with fans 19 years ago!

After the video was uploaded, fans shared their feelings about a young John Cena, taking on the fans in a rap battle.

Fans react to John Cena competing in rap battle with fans nearly two decades ago

One of the reasons John Cena had such huge success in WWE was due to his incredible ability on the mic. Early in his career, Cena was a freestyle rapper and brought it with him after his first run in WWE. Cena introduced himself as the Doctor of Thuganomy and made his way to the main event location in the company.

He ended up with fans due to his ability to entertain them every time he picked up a mic and punched his opponents. This led to some memorable moments with WWE legends like Kurt Angle and the Big Show. As Cena strutted around the ring, he spoke to his opponents in rhyme and the fans ate him up. Even as a heel, the crowd appreciated the freshness Cena brought to the product.


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4 days ago

Recently, a video surfaced online that shows Cena engaging in a rap battle with fans around 19 years ago. The video is from the Jersey All-Pro Wrestling 6th Anniversary Show. In the video, a fan first starts rapping about Cena, before the Doctor of Thuganomics takes over and, like his WWE persona, takes down his opponents one by one.

Fans reacted to this video and remembered Cena’s days as a WWE rapper.

There was an appreciation for Cena’s rapping skills.


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Moreover, one fan even said that it was Cena who dragged him into rap battles.


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Indeed, the Hollywood star rapper’s gimmick made him stand out from a very talented roster in the mid-2000s. Many WWE fans know him today as the conquering Super Cena, but before that, he was a freestyle rapper who could cut the end to his opponent before the match even started.

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