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Jordan Burroughs won a new weight class to qualify for the U.S. Freestyle Team for the upcoming World Championship tournament at the U.S. World Team Trials Sunday in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Burroughs, 33, secured a spot in his eighth senior world championship teams. He previously wrestled in two places on the US Olympic team. In his previous nine world or Olympic appearances, he has won eight medals, five gold and three bronze.

He beat the talented Alex Dieringer of the Titan Mercury WC / CKWC in the 79kg final series to the delight of his local fans. He got a 10-5 win in Game 1, winning key positions, then quickly took the lead and scored a 4-3 win over Dieringer in Game 2. Burroughs won the Hodge Trophy for the University of Nebraska and then trained there during his international career until he recently returned to his Jersey roots with RTC Pennsylvania.

Two-time world champion J’den Cox of the Titan Mercury WC / NJRTC secured a spot on his fourth senior world team with a two-game sweep against Kollin Moore of the Titan Mercury WC / Ohio RTC at 97kg. Cox shut out Moore in both games, winning 5-0 in Game 1 and 4-0 in Fight 2. Cox owns two world titles, an Olympic bronze and a world championship bronze in his four appearances at the world level, winning a medal each time.

James Green of Titan Mercury WC / SERTC is making his sixth trip to the Senior World Championships, having won the 70kg category with a two-game sweep against Ryan Deakin of Titan Mercury WC / Wildcat WC. Green scored at the end of the first game to secure a 6-6 decision over Deakin in the first fight. He took the lead and retained the advantage for a 4-2 victory in the second fight. Like Burroughs, he was a Nebraska star and trained here for years, before moving to his new location at Virginia Tech. Green won a silver medal at the 2017 world championships and a bronze medal at the 2015 world championships.

Two-time world bronze medalist Nick Gwiazdowski of Titan Mercury WC / Spartan Combat RTC qualified for his fourth Senior World Championships, with a two-match sweep over 2019 World Junior Champion Mason Parris of Cliff Keen WC at 125kg . Gwiazdowski had an advantage over power and technique, winning the first game 6-0, then adding more offense in a 10-3 win in the second fight.

Titan Mercury WC / CWC’s Daton Fix, who won two games against Titan Mercury WC / OKRTC’s Nathan Tomasello at 61kg, was part of a second career senior world team. Fix was aggressive in his two wins, winning the first fight with an 8-3 margin and the second with a 7-0 shutout.

The only new member of the senior world squad is Yianni Diakomihalis of Titan Mercury WC / Spartan Combat WC, who needed three games to defeat tough Joey McKenna of Titan Mercury WC / PRTC at 65kg. It was McKenna who had some late heroic deeds with a counter-exposure for an 8-7 win in the first fight. Diakomihalis rallied for a 5-2 victory in Game 2. In the decisive third bout, Diakomihalis opened his scoring attack for a 12-2 technical drop and the team berth.

Four 2020 Olympic medalists have chosen to compete at the world championships in October in Norway and their weight classes are not contested this weekend. Olympic champion David Taylor (86 kg), Olympic silver medalist Kyle Snyder (97 kg), Olympic bronze medalist Thomas Gilman (57 kg) and Olympic bronze medalist Kyle Dake (74 kg) all achieved Automatic places in the US team for their medal at the Olympics in August.

2021 USA World Team Trials
In Lincoln, Nebraska
Men’s Freestyle Championship Series

61 kilograms
Daton Fix (Titan Mercury WC / CWC) vs. Nathan Tomasello (Titan Mercury WC / OKRTC), 2-0
Bout One – Correction Dec. Tomasello, 8-3
Second fight – Correction Dec. Tomasello, 7-0
3rd – Carter Young (Cowboy WC) Dec. Seth Gross (Sunkist Kids), 15-12

Yianni Diakomihalis (Titan Mercury WC / Spartan Combat RTC) Dec. Joey McKenna (Titan Mercury WC / PRTC), 2-1
First fight – McKenna Dec. Diakomihalis, 8-7
Second fight – Diakomihalis Dec. McKenna, 5-2
Third fight – Diakomihalis technology. McKenna Fall, 12-2
3rd –Tech Evan Henderson (Titan Mercury WC / Ohio RTC). fall Luke Pletcher (Titan Mercury WC / Pitt RTC)

James Green (Titan Mercury WC / SERTC) Dec. Ryan Deakin (Titan Mercury WC / Wildcat WC), 2-0
Bout One – Green dec. Deakin, 6-6
Second fight – Green dec. Deakin 4-2
3rd – Zain Retherford (Titan Mercury WC / NLWC) tech. fall Tyler Berger (Titan Mercury WC / California RTC), 11-0, 2:49

79 kilograms
Jordan Burroughs (Sunkist Kids) Dec. Alex Dieringer (Titan Mercury WC / CKWC), 2-0
First fight – Burroughs Dec. Dieringer, 10-5
Second Fight – Burroughs Dec. Dieringer, 4-3
3rd – Carter Starocci (Titan Mercury WC / NLWC) Dec. Jason Nolf (Titan Mercury CM / NLWC), 4-3

92 kilograms
J’den Cox (Titan Mercury WC / NJRTC) Dec. Kollin Moore (Titan Mercury WC / Ohio RTC), 2-0
First fight – Cox Dec. Moore, 5-0
Second fight – Cox Dec. Moore, 4-0
3rd – Trent Hidlay (Titan Mercury WC) Dec. Drew Foster (Panther WC RTC), 8-1

125 kilograms
Nick Gwiazdowski (TMWC / Spartan Combat RTC) Dec. Mason Parris (Cliff Keen WC), 2-0
First fight – Gwiazdowski dec. Paris, 6-0
Second fight – Gwiazdowski dec. Paris, 10-3
3rd – Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC RTC) Dec. Dominique Bradley (Sunkist Kids), 4-2

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