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Last night cfu The Fight Night event was understandably somewhat overshadowed, primarily by the long-awaited clash between Anderson Silva and Jacques-Paul in the boxing ring. However, the show delivered some fun action.

UFC Fight Night: Calvin Kattar versus. Arnold Allen featured a number of great finishes, including on a really exciting preliminary card, and four fighters received $50,000 bonuses.

Will any of these fighters now enter the title race in the near future? It’s debatable for some of them, but as always, you never know.

Here are the top five UFC Fight Night finishes: Calvin Kattar vs. Arnold Allen.

#5. Arnold Allen defeated Calvin Kattar in a UFC featherweight bout

Arnold Allen got the better of Calvin Kattar from the first moments of their fight
Arnold Allen got the better of Calvin Kattar from the first moments of their fight

Last night’s fight didn’t quite end the way one would have hoped, as a bizarre knee injury to Calvin Kattar essentially led directly to his TKO loss at the hands of Arnold Allen in the second round.

However, blaming Kattar’s loss entirely on injury would be doing ‘Almighty’ a bit of a disservice. The native of Ipswich, UK performed brilliantly in the spotlight, never letting the more experienced Kattars get comfortable.

Right off the bat, he was able to pop it with a number of stiff left jabs, while also using his movement and footwork to dodge big shots from ‘The Boston Finisher’, and that’s after his head went down. was broken back by one of those jabs that Kattar attempted an ill-advised jumping strike that knocked his knee out.

Kattar managed to advance to the second round, but it was a bad move on his part as Allen landed a big leg kick that eventually forced him to drop the ghost just eight seconds into the match. the stanza.

Obviously, it wasn’t the climax reel finish that Allen was probably hoping for, but it was nasty nonetheless and it means “Almighty” is now on a ten-fight winning streak. With any luck, a lightweight title shot – especially if Alexander Volkanovski leaves – will be in his future.

#4. Steve Garcia defeated Chase Hooper in a UFC featherweight bout

Steve Garcia violently gets rid of Chase Hooper in less than two minutes
Steve Garcia violently gets rid of Chase Hooper in less than two minutes

The fastest finish in last night’s event belonged to featherweight Steve Garcia, who knocked out young prospect Chase Hooper in just 1:32 of the first round. After losing his last fight in the UFC, “Mean Machine” clearly had something to prove and took out all his frustrations on Hooper.

The opening seconds of the fight saw Hooper go straight into a clean punch combination, and it’s no surprise to see him dive for a takedown. Garcia blocked that and dropped “The Dream” with a left hand, then, after refusing to go to the ground with it, dropped it a second time.

A third knockdown soon followed, and this time Garcia didn’t let go, hammering Hooper with more punches that forced referee Herb Dean to intervene. At the end of the proceedings, Hooper appeared to be left in a bloody mess.

Given his spotty record, it’s unlikely that “Mean Machine” will step up to 145 pounds anytime soon, but there’s no denying that it was one of the most ruthless beatings of 2022, and given who Hooper had impressed on his previous show, Garcia did a brilliant job of putting him out. He more than earned the $50,000 bonus he received.

#3. Marcos Rogerio de Lima defeated Andrei Arlovski in a UFC heavyweight bout

Marcos Rogerio de Lima's power makes him a threat to any heavyweight, as Andrei Arlovski found out last night
Marcos Rogerio de Lima’s power makes him a threat to any heavyweight, as Andrei Arlovski found out last night

quite how the heavy weights fight between the longest serving UFC veteran in the division, Andrei Arlovskyand a fighter who rarely does boring fights in Marcos Rogerio de Lima was left on the preliminary card was a total mystery.

Either way, the pair had one of the most exciting fights of the night, with ‘Pezao’ probably picking up the biggest victory of his career in the octagon for good measure. Everyone knows how that wasn’t enough to earn him a $50,000 bonus.

The fight only lasted seconds when the two big men got into an exchange, and unsurprisingly, de Lima emerged victorious, dropping “The Pitbull” with a hard left hand.

Arlovski managed to survive, but it didn’t take long for the Brazilian to take a commanding position, and from there he trapped the former champion against the fence and wrapped an arm in a rear-ended chokehold .

It didn’t look like a technically perfect choke, but that didn’t matter, as Arlovski was forced to tap out for just the third time in his long career.

The victory was a good way for de Lima to bounce back from a disappointing loss to Blagoy Ivanov earlier this year, and while he remains a somewhat limited fighter, it was further proof that he has the power to change n any fight in his favor. At the heavyweights, that’s often all you need. He is a man to watch for sure.

#2. Tresean Gore defeated Josh Fremd in a UFC middleweight bout

Tresean Gore used a violent guillotine choke to knock out Josh Fremd
Tresean Gore used a violent guillotine choke to knock out Josh Fremd

TUF 29 finalist Tresean Gore faced a serious experience disadvantage in his fight against Josh Fremd last night. Sure, ‘Mr Vicious’ had been in the UFC octagon twice before, but both times he’d found himself on the losing side, and overall he’d only had five fights. professionals against the 12 of Fremd.

In the end, though, it didn’t matter, as Gore’s serious killer instinct allowed him to pull off one of the most memorable submission finishes in recent memory, a truly nasty guillotine choke. which more than earned him a $50,000 bonus.

The first lap didn’t go his way at all, as Fremd escaped a bad ground position to get well ahead of Gore throughout the stanza.

In round two, however, when Fremd fired for a takedown, he left his neck far too wide open – and Gore capitalized by sinking a tight guillotine.

From there, things got absolutely crazy, as Gore literally ripped Fremd off his feet, then pulled him through the fence before sitting him down, tightening the chokehold in the process and forcing him to his feet. pass out.

Really, the only thing comparable to that guillotine was another famous choke delivered by former bantamweight contender Scott Jorgensen back in the WEC days, and it’s likely he should get some online traction today. It was a great finish for Gore, which likely saved his UFC career in the process.

#1. Roman Dolidze defeated Phil Hawes in a UFC middleweight bout

Roman Dolidze knocked out Phil Hawes with some serious violence, pushing him up the ranks at 185lbs
Roman Dolidze knocked out Phil Hawes with some serious violence, pushing him up the ranks at 185lbs

The best finish of last night’s UFC event was undoubtedly produced by average weight Roman Dolidze, who basically did enough to finish his highly touted opponent, Phil Hawes, twice – once by submission and then finally by knockout.

Interestingly, although Dolidze holds an impressive 10-1 record with four of those UFC wins, Hawes had more hype around him thanks to his raw athleticism and the fact that his latest performance saw him send Deron Winn in a violent way.

However, he was well beaten by Dolidze last night, with ‘The Caucasian’ dominating him both on the ground and on the feet.

Hawes took Dolidze down early, but after eating a few elbows from the bottom, “Megatron” then found himself caught in a nasty knee/heel combination. The hold wasn’t enough to force him to tap – but it clearly burst Hawes’ knee, prompting Dolidze to tell referee Dan Miragliotta to step in.

Miragliotta didn’t do this, but when both men got to their feet, Dolidze wasted no time in hitting Hawes with a crushing combination that sent him crashing to the ground, unconscious before he even touched. the carpet.

After the fight, Dolidze then called a top 15 opponent, and based on that performance, he probably deserves it. A matchup with someone like Chris Curtis, who also holds a win over Hawes, would almost certainly work. Either way, the Georgia native will have a lot more hype about him after this arrival.

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