Cameroon: Mixed Martial Arts – Francis Ngannou prepares to defend his title


The UFC world heavyweight champion is fine-tuning his strategies to face Ciryl Gane in the title fight on January 22.

Less than a month away from the fight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) world heavyweight title scheduled for January 22, 2022 in California, United States, between Cameroonian-born world champion Francis Ngannou and the French Ciryl Gane, enthusiasm is growing. Francis Ngannou, world heavyweight title holder, is not taking any risks as he uses all available resources to train and keep his title. Since the two fighters know each other, Ngannou trains accordingly.

“He moves a lot and he’s very good. He’s also a very good boxer and very precise,” Ngannou said of his opponent in a video posted recently on his Facebook page along with pictures of him s. ‘train intensively. To meet the challenge of keeping his seat belt, he declares: “The only thing I will do is prepare myself”. Ngannou is convinced that, “As soon as I get a hold of him, the fight will be over. He will get caught in two rounds,” he said with authority before adding that “We will enter the octagon and we’re going to face each other headlong. “

As for his game plan, he said: “I have a game plan and a strategy against Ciryl like I have a game plan against any fighter, but that doesn’t change the way I train. ; it could change the way you approach combat. at the end of the day, it’s mixed martial arts and anything can happen. “

Ngannou’s winning prediction has been described by some as attainable as images have recently circulated on social media indicating that he has worked hard and made remarkable changes with his body. The footage shows that Ngannou lost weight before his fight with Gane and it’s clear his usual intimidating bulk has been toned down. His opponent reportedly reacted to this change by stating that “I think Francis Ngannou has done a lot in the last few years, and he’s probably improved and he’s smarter. And that’s really great. He’s really well balanced now.” . The ultimate goal will be for Francis Ngannou to defend his title after having had several controversies with the UFC.


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