Chael Sonnen offers a theory on Jake Paul calling the fighters


Jake Paul has made a habit of calling UFC fighters for his boxing matches. Chael Sonnen offered a theory as to why he chooses UFC fighters and not people who are not in business with Dana White.

Jake Paul has long had a feud with UFC President Dana White and wants to get under his skin with all the opportunities he has. Chael Sonnen thinks this is a big factor he continues to go after UFC fighters for.

“The guys from Dana are under contract with Dana (UFC). The end! There is nothing more to say here. Paul knows it. Paul doesn’t think, ‘I can get under Dana’s skin. I can do just enough to drive him crazy and make him send one of these guys. It’s not going to happen. ”UFC veteran Chael Sonnen explained on his YouTube show. “Dana’s not going to do him a favor, he’s not interested, and that has nothing to do with Paul, Showtime, or whatever. Dana has never done that. His policy is very simple. It’s very simple but it’s also very consistent… Why does Paul keep doing this? I don’t think you have to put on your Columbo rain jacket to figure that out. Because he gets an answer. It is very good for business.

It might be very good for business, but it’s hard to determine who would ever be able to run something while still under contract with the UFC. Dana White has made it clear that he will not be working with Jake Paul.

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