Chael Sonnen praises Conor McGregor’s ability to remain relevant despite injury


Chael Sonnen praised Conor McGregor for his ability to remain relevant despite his injury.

In an episode of Beyond the fight, Sonnen said:

“I actually watch Conor doing some of his best work right now. Do you know how hard it is to talk if you don’t have a fight coming up? Even if you want to have a massive fight, if it is. isn’t coming, you just don’t fit into a media cycle … so if you’re Conor McGregor and you’re hurt, you’re broken, you’re in rehab and you’re still making the headlines , then you’re doing something really good, ”said Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen says he can’t label McGregor in a certain way. He claims it’s because he watched “The Notorious” maneuver masterfully through a tough industry.

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Chael Sonnen disagrees with Daniel Cormier’s remarks about Conor McGregor. DC compared “The Notorious” to WWE legend Ric Flair. He said the Irishman is struggling to part with the role he is playing.

Sonnen responded by praising McGregor for making headlines every week despite being inactive due to his injury. According to “The Bad Guy,” it’s hard to stay relevant without having scheduled fights.

Chael Sonnen can’t defend McGregor for his MTV VMA brawl

Despite the Irishman’s praise, Chael Sonnen made it clear he couldn’t defend Conor McGregor for his actions at the MTV Video Music Awards.

“I can’t defend why he [McGregor] was at this MTV nerd. I can’t explain this, maybe he has a little nerd touch in him, “said Chael Sonnen.

“The Notorious” had an altercation with rapper Machine Gun Kelly who almost got physical.

Conor McGregor threw a drink at Machine Gun Kelly at VMA’s 😳

(via laurademytrk / IG)

UFC President Dana White later clarified that he spoke to McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly. According to him, the altercation was the result of a misunderstanding.

Sonnen said MGK doesn’t stand a chance in a fight with McGregor. He thinks a one-legged Conor McGregor could defeat the rapper.

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