Charles Oliveira reacts to Joe Rogan being forced into a wall at a UFC event by Mark Coleman in resurfaced video from 2016



UFC backstage incidents are known to be as entertaining as the cage fights. They reveal the nature of the relationships between the fighters, their coaches, the veterans, as well as the commentators in some cases. Behind the scenes has witnessed many friendly and hostile fights in MMA history.


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A similar incident took place backstage at UFC 203 in 2016. The video of the friendly fight between UFC commentator, Joe Roganand UFC heavyweight champion, Marc Coleman, surfaced on various social media platforms. The video was shared as a Twitter story and the UFC fighter Charles Oliviera commented it.


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Mark ‘The Hammer’ Coleman is among the first to win the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He won UFC 10 and UFC 11 as the first ever heavyweight champion. Finally, Coleman entered the UFC Hall of Fame at UFC 82 and became the heavyweight hero.

Joe Rogan is one of the most beloved commentators the UFC has ever seen. His fighting skill is all over the internet. In the video where he follows ‘The Hammer’, not only shows his sportsmanship, but also his grappling skills.

Backstage fight between Joe Rogan and “The Hammer”

A video posted from the DovySimuMMA Twitter account shows a fight between Joe Rogan and Mark Coleman. The Publish was subtitled“mark coleman almost killed joe rogan”.

The video shows the duo starting a friendly brawl backstage at UFC 203. All was well as Rogan couldn’t stop laughing while trying to keep up with the UFC champ. The fight apparently takes a serious turn as Coleman delivers a heavy blow to Rogan. Although Rogan stumbles and hits the wall, he quickly recovers without losing his flippant laugh.


‘Mark Coleman found out’ – Missing pieces of Joe Rogan pushed into wall by brute force in friendly brawl revealed by UFC legend

3 days ago


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It may have taken a rough turn, but “The Hammer” quickly raises his arms and rushes over to check on Rogan. The two “kiss” and conclude their friendly fight.

Charles Oliveira comments on the grappling hook behind the scenes

Charles ‘DoBronxs’ Oliveira replied to the message saying“Caraio…”. The push shocked everyone in the room. Not only MMA fans, but even champions like Charles Oliveira showed their surprise.


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All’s well That ends well. After all, the fight was not a serious fight and Joe Rogan took it all lightly. These things happen in friendly fights. In reality, fighters get excited and forget to hold back. What do you think of these friendly grappling fights?

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