Chris Avila calls Tommy Fury ‘overrated’, open to AJ McKee box after beef with his team


After beating Anthony Taylor on the recent Jake Paul map against Tyron Woodley 2, Team Diaz fighter Chris Avila is looking for even bigger game.

The UFC and Bellator veteran got his revenge against Taylor after losing a majority decision to him in 2020. The victory also ended a week marked by tensions between his team, which includes the star. UFC Nate Diaz, and Team Taylor with the Bodyshop Gym run by Bellator featherweight champion AJ McKee.

A pre-fight altercation between the two teams led Avila to consider a potential boxing match against McKee. But he’s much more interested in Fury’s fight because he knows this match will take him further in his boxing career.

“This Bodyshop team, they’re no good,” Avila said in an interview with MMA Fighting. “Let’s be honest. The only person out of this is that [A.J.] McKee man, and I would say I would afterwards, but who knows if he would even show up. This guy said it would be on sight all the time in Tampa Bay with his whole team, and every time we met these guys they were scared. It was quite funny. These guys didn’t want smoke. I would say they can all get it, but I don’t even know if they would show it. I’m a little done with this team.

“I think it’s the fight [against A.J. McKee] they should do or if not, that’s all good. I’m aiming for the fight against Tommy Fury. This is the kind of fight that would excite me right now. Him or AJ McKee, but I’m aiming for the next fight against Tommy Fury.

Fury was originally scheduled for the main event against Paul, but the younger brother of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury suffered a rib injury and illness that ultimately forced him out of the fight.

Since that time, Paul has taken to social media to say that Fury or anyone on his team has contacted him about a possible change in the fight booking, making it look like he’s for the moment spent on something else.

That’s why Avila is ready to melt down and fight Fury, especially after both beating the same opponent at Taylor for the past few months.

“You see what I did to my opponent, it was just light work for me,” said Avila. “The fight between him and Tommy Fury, I had Taylor beat Fury. Fury is just overrated. I think I can expose this guy. Who knows if this guy will even fight either.

“I think I would smoke Tommy in a [boxing match]. I know I can smoke Tommy in a fight.

While Fury is the fight he wants most, Avila isn’t averse to luring McKee into a boxing match if Bellator allows their featherweight king to test himself in the ring. He is hesitant to pull the trigger on any clash involving the Bodyshop team after claiming they refused to engage with his crew, led by Diaz, with current UFC fighter Nick Maximov and the former Strikeforce champion Jake Shields.

Avila said the behavior of the Bodyshop team was best defined by the music video which went viral from the event; Diaz threw himself at one of their fighters while faking a punch and he flinched so hard that beer fell from his hands.

“It’s so funny,” Avila said reacting to the video with Diaz. “This Bodyshop team, they were afraid. They just had their eyes down. They were speaking in interviews saying it was on sight. I have met them many times and each time they have stumbled. That guy’s beer is gone. It was pathetic.

“That’s why I’m not going to keep calling this guy into a fight because he probably wouldn’t even show up.” This team is a joke. We are by far the most real team.

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