‘Cobra Kai’ star Martin Kove has a lot of work to do to survive ‘DWTS’ first knockout


Martin Kove is the second Karate kid star to compete Dancing with the stars. Ralph Macchio went pretty far when he competed, and that was way before they got together on Cobra Kai. Kove made his Season 30 premiere on September 20, along with partner Britt Stewart. Although he went to the pissed off crowd, the judges had a few notes for him to take next week.

Derek Hough was in Cobra Kai but he didn’t mince his words.

Britt Stewart and Martin Kove | Eric McCandless / ABC

Cobra Kai forever! “Hough began.” My man, Martin, listen. First of all, that opening speech got me excited. Look, I could sit here and talk about what you need to work on, what? that it wasn’t, all of those different things. The truth is, I just feel like you weren’t a little bit prepared. I think next week, go rehearse with that state of mind. competitive spirit, put in hours and we’ll see you next week, brother.

Bruno Tonioli had another way of saying “must be improved”.

“It was like someone was launching an epic movie,” Tonioli said. “I felt it was going to be a blockbuster. I think we have to work on the content to make it a blockbuster because sometimes you looked like you forgot, you weren’t sure what was coming next. So we need to clean up the script before going into production.

Len Goodman put Kove’s age into perspective. Kove is now 75 and still intimidates the entire cast of Cobra Kai. Viewers should remember that the physical is not that easy.

Martin Kove opens his arms as Britt Stewart kicks

Britt Stewart and Martin Kove | Eric McCandless / ABC

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“For someone in their 70s, I think you went out and made a really gallant effort,” Goodman said. “Well done.”

In her interview with host Tyra Banks, Kove said Dancing with the stars was harder than any movie or fight he’s ever been in. Banks asked him to compare it to a kick in the face. Maybe she is referring to scenes on Cobra Kai, or she hasn’t really seen The Karate Kid and confused him with William Zabka. Johnny Lawrence (Zabka) was kicked in the face by the famous crane kick, but Kove still did a lot of physical performance before DWTS.

“It’s a lot harder than any full contact tournament I’ve been to,” said Kove.

Whether it was Kove’s idea or the one for the show, someone seemed to think you had to capitalize on Cobra Kai. Kove opened his dance with a paraphrased version of John Kreese’s “There is no mercy in this dojo” speech. He even danced on “You’re the Best”, the song by The Karate Kid. It also incorporated martial arts movements.

It’s easy to sit at the quarterback, mix up sports metaphors and say they’ve overdone it Cobra Kai. Kove looked visibly disappointed to receive three 3s and a fours from the judges. If they would have responded better to a more original dance, we’ll never know. But the good news is that it was only the first night. Now that the Cobra Kai of it all is out of the way, Kove can try new things and impress the judges.

Cobra Kai star Martin Kove and Britt Stewart get low Dancing with the stars scores
Britt Stewart and Martin Kove | Eric McCandless / ABC

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Carrie Ann Inaba agreed that Kove got all grades for committing to her Cobra Kai character.

“I just want to say to all of you young people, I hope you all are taking notes on what commitment to character looks like because that was commitment to character, sir,” Inaba said. .

However, Inaba observed that Kove appeared to still do Cobra Kai Martial Arts. He therefore needs to adapt more to ballroom dancing.

“But with all due respect, it was more kata than paso doble,” said Inaba. “So next week we’ll see what happens. “

Dancing with the stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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