Cody Garbrandt doesn’t rule out 125, wants to scream Sean O’Malley


Cody Garbrandt is open to flyweights and bantamweight after UFC 269.

In his flyweight debut, Garbrandt (12-5 MMA, 7-5 UFC) suffered a first round loss by TKO to Kai Kara-France at UFC 269, but the former bantamweight champion insists on the made him feel good physically despite losing an additional 10 pounds.

Garbrandt hit the flyweight bar with no problem in the weigh-ins and still sees potentially 125 pounds in his foreseeable future.

“The camp was great, it felt great, the weight loss was amazing,” Garbrandt said on his “Rollin with the Homies” podcast. “The rehydration, the refueling process was good, I felt good at 125. I just got caught with a good punch in there and just couldn’t recover. After I got the punch I got up, felt a little good where I was moving, I was moving forward, but I still wasn’t like everything there, then I took it down, then we rushed over and got back to our feet and it felt like I was on a slope.

“I was like fucking, I still haven’t recovered. He brought the pressure and he brought the combinations and was able to capitalize on him. He was able to do his job and I still feel like 25 is a big burden for me. I like what I was able to do inside the camp. What I take away from this past camp or the last six months of weight loss or the three months of camp that we did is just the positive.

With the Garbrandt name and his early bantamweight success leading to a UFC title, “No Love” is also open to a return to its original weight class.

One name that stands out is Sean O’Malley, who not only called him constantly, but even faced him in the UFC 269 pre-fight press conference. O’Malley (15- 1 MMA, 7-1 UFC) competed on the same night as Garbrandt, stopping teammate Raulian Paiva in the first round.

“Like I said, I felt great at 125,” Garbrandt said. “I think it’s something I have to decide, if I – 35, 25, I feel good about both. I think if I was going to be 35 I would do things a little differently. Maintain my weight throughout the camp.

He continued, “There are a lot of good games. Sean O’Malley, I really wanna fuck his ass. It is a looming battle. Hope this could be my next one. I want this fight so I would like to stay at 35. He could fight me now because I’m not in the standings at 35 and he’s ranked so it will be a good fight. You have to respect his skills, he improved a bit with the Raulian combat, caught up with him very early on, but we know that. The only way for him to win was to catch him early and he did. He did his job, hats off. He’s on the leaderboard now, so I have to go back to 35 and kick his ass, but we’ll decide, we’ll figure it out.

After an undefeated start to his MMA career, including a masterclass over Dominick Cruz to win the UFC bantamweight title, Garbrandt has gone 1-5 in his last six fights. It’s a tough situation for the 30-year-old, but Garbrandt is far from done and won’t let opponents bring him down.

“When it’s over, I say it’s over,” Garbrandt said. “Neither the fans, nor Dana, nor anyone other than me. When I know and understand that I don’t have it anymore, I don’t have what it takes to push and train myself to be ready to go out and give my best to win, so I’ll be done. I can honestly say it, and I have a good support system around me that will say, “Look, let’s look at something else. But it’s so far down the road. I am 30 years old, I still have a lot to do. We will make the corrections, we will find out.

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