Could Pula Arena become the host of the Fight Nation championship this summer?


May 21, 2022 – Could the stunning Pula Arena become the backdrop for the National Fighting Championship or something very similar in the future?

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, on Wednesday, the first man of the Fight Nation championship, Drazen Forgac, and Matej Filipcic, the director of marketing and promotion of martial arts, visited Pula, reports the local portal Glas Istre.

The kickstarter was a conversation with the biggest names in town in the company of Zelg Galesic, the trainer of the Pula Trojan, and the reason for this was the desire of the organizers of martial arts events who continue to break all records of audience across the region to organize something similar in the Pula arena.

The date of September 3 has been set, and since the city of Pula has given its full support to the event behind which the American investors are ready to invest a lot of money in the organization to make the Pula Arena spectacular on this day- there, we should expect the official confirmation of this event to arrive soon.

From the sports side alone, it would definitely be a success, because through several editions of ”Gladiator Fight Night” in Pula and Medulin, we could see precisely how many freestyle wrestling fans there are in this area, and with the Fight Nation Championship as a solid support, all of that would rise together to another, much higher level.

Quality fighters would perform in the unique ambience of the old Pula arena, and an added attraction for visitors would be Daniel Bazant. The Pula Trojan member is set to have his first defense of the Fight Nation Championship lightweight belt in Pula, which he won two months ago in Zabok beating Brazilian Rony Mariano Bezerra.

“If the Fight Nation championship comes to the Pula arena, Bazant will definitely play and his opponent will be a well-known face of martial arts. I wouldn’t like to name the said person because the contract didn’t hasn’t been signed yet and so far everything has only been agreed orally, the only thing I can say is that he is a former UFC fighter,’ Zelg Galesic said , revealing that Bazant won’t be Pula’s only ‘Trojan’ fight card.

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