Dagestan wrestling coach saves passengers from burning car


Several passengers involved in a recent high-speed crash in Moscow have been rescued thanks to the efforts of a wrestling coach from Dagestan.

Viral CCTV footage from Friday morning’s incident shows a largely empty road in the Russian capital. A taxi and another car both drive through an intersection in opposite directions, but the car barely appears to hit the back of the taxi before crashing into a nearby building. The vehicle burst into flames almost immediately after impact.

Fortunately for the passengers, Arslanbek Aliyev and several other people nearby witnessed the accident and immediately ran to help. Aliyev, 38, is a former Russian freestyle wrestling champion and is currently the coach of Dagestan’s youth wrestling team.

“We ran to the sound of fire, immediately the car started to burn,” Aliyev said.

The police actually tried to stop Aliyev and the other bystander from approaching the burning vehicle, but they acted quickly to smash the car’s windows and save several of the passengers.

Aliyev was nearby when he saw the vehicle crash and catch fire. (Telegram)

“The police forbade us to approach,” he said. “We broke the windows, the doors with Arabs. They were the first to start it all. And they took all the guys out. Those in front, who were in a hurry, could not (retreat), there was a very strong fire.

Aliyev and the others were able to save 6 passengers who were later treated in hospital, but the two passengers in the front of the vehicle died as a result of the accident.

The wrestling coach received public praise for his heroism, including from the head of the State Duma’s Committee for Physical Culture and Sports, Dmitry Svishchev. Besides calling for Aliyev to be rewarded for his actions, Svishchev noted that the coach’s character makes him a perfect role model for his students.

“Such actions show the education that sport gives to discipline,” Svishchev said. “Separately, it should be noted that such a person raises young athletes himself. We can be sure that none of his students will pass by someone else’s problems.

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