Dana White details UFC’s gigantic annual budget for fighter health and safety in light of death of BKFC fighter Justin Thornton


Dana White has revealed that the UFC spends at least $ 20 million on the health and safety of its fighters in a year.

At a press conference in Rival series of Dana White 42, the UFC president spoke of the importance of the well-being and safety of fighters, saying:

“Each year, we spend over $ 20 million on medical care for athletes. [health & safety]. $ 20 million a year! And 25% of our athletes, we send a specialist, so a guy will come and [check the fighter specifically]. Something happens to him [fighter’s] heart, they go to a cardiologist … And as a result of our pre-fight screening, we found 10 athletes who had life-threatening medical issues … Nobody even remotely does what we do. It has never been done, which we do, and no one ever will … “

White’s comments came after the tragic disappearance of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship fighter Justin Thornton.

Dana White puts distance between UFC and BKFC; says the two organizations are very different from each other

Dana White declared the UFC as the number one organization in terms of athlete safety rules. He also said that the two organizations should not be referred to “in the same sentence”.

“We shouldn’t even be talked about in the same sentence as Bare Knuckle boxing. They’re two completely different worlds. And yes, we’re so sorry to hear that this guy has passed away, but you’ll never see any of these. other organizations performing the type of health, safety and medical testing that we do for our athletes. ”

Dana White preaches the importance of the safety of fighters after the death of a BKFC fighter. “We spend over $ 20 million on medical care for athletes per year.”#DWCS | Full video: bit.ly/2YxrZ2e https://t.co/TjDjTKdYCs

Justin Thornton was brutally knocked out by Dillon Cleckler at BKFC 20 in August. After an unsuccessful recovery, Thornton’s condition worsened for two months. The 11-2 record holder tragically died on October 4 after succumbing to injuries sustained in the bout.

Watch the video of the vicious KO at BKFC 20 below:

Just read that Justin Thornton died from this knockout at BKFC 20 in August. So sad. TEAR. https://t.co/EWLjKm8mCT

Watch the full press conference after DWCS 42 below:

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