Dana White explains why Joe Rogan deserves “a ton of respect” for building the sport of MMA


UFC President Dana White recently spoke about why Joe Rogan was such an integral part of integrating mixed martial arts into the mainstream attraction that it is today.

During a recent episode of The fight with Teddy Atlas, the UFC boss spoke about the most transformative figures of MMA’s early days. White mentioned the Gracie family for bringing Brazilian jiu-jitsu to the general public. He went on to add that Rogan also deserves credit for explaining the intricacies of ground play in a masterful way.

“Another guy who deserves a ton of credit for helping build the sport in our time is Joe Rogan,” White told Atlas. “You know, because the reality is that when we got into the fight, everyone understood the standing fight, no matter what happened. Punching, kicking, elbowing – we all understand. That. The most important for us was when it goes to the ground. How are people really going to understand what is going on and what they were seeing? Because if you have never done jiu-jitsu, you don’t know what they’re doing. “

The big UFC boss continued:

“Joe Rogan was, above all, passionate about sports, number one. Number two, so good at telling you what was going on before it even started to happen. To have a guy like him behind the microphone, he was very decisive in helping to build sport. ”

Dana White talks about Joe Rogan’s contribution to MMA:

Dana White asked Joe Rogan for help

Dana White went to Joe Rogan for advice when he caught COVID-19 earlier this month. In an appearance on Jim Rome’s podcast White mentioned how he and his entire family tested positive for COVID-19 after they gathered for Thanksgiving dinner. White was quick to seek advice from Rogan.

Rogan, of course, is a controversial figure in the COVID-19 era as he has publicly admitted to resorting to unconventional treatment methods for the disease. However, according to White, Rogan’s suggestions came in handy as all of the symptoms he was experiencing quickly subsided. Dana White said:

“I literally got out of breath and picked up my phone and called Joe Rogan. I get up, get up, Monday morning at 9 am, and get tested. By noon I had the monoclonal antibodies. in me. Then he told me to do an infusion of NAD. I did it right after. The next day – so Sunday at 8 o’clock in the evening, I have neither taste nor smell. I wake up Tuesday in getting ready to shave. As I cleaned my razor, I could smell the alcohol. My taste and smell were back at 11 am the next day. “

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