Dana White weighs in on Alexander Volkanovski’s plans for champion status after UFC 276


Dana White recently discussed the possibility of UFC featherweight champion (145lbs) Alexander Volkanovski potentially upping his weight and trying to win the UFC lightweight title (155lbs).

Speaking to The Mac Life, White suggested he would be open to Volkanovski moving up to lightweight and trying to achieve champ-champ status.

Nonetheless, the UFC president hinted that before moving up to lightweight, ‘The Great’ would need to overtake longtime rival Max Holloway in their next trilogy bout. Addressing Volkanovski’s recent statements that the featherweight pivot has hinted he’s going for the lightweight title, White said:

“So Volkanovski is one of those guys who’s got everybody’s respect, I would say, now. You know, he’s got that Holloway fight that probably makes sense for him to do that and put that behind him. Then you don’t have to hear about it anymore, and this guy can do whatever he wants I mean, if he wants to come up and challenge somebody at 55 or whatever he wants to do , I’m up for whatever he wants.

Volkanovski already holds a pair of wins over Holloway, having beaten ‘Blessed’ by unanimous decision in 2019 and by split decision in 2020. Both fights were tightly contested matchups. On that note, “The Great” has promised to put a decisive end to his feud with Holloway in their trilogy matchup at UFC 276 on July 2.

Watch Dana White address Alexander Volkanovski’s championship aspirations at 8:28 minutes in the video below:

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Josh Thomson on Alexander Volkanovski potentially fighting Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev

The consensus is that former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira will fight Islam Makhachev for the vacant UFC lightweight title later this year. On the Weighing podcast, former UFC lightweight Josh Thomson recently discussed how Alexander Volkanovski would fare against Oliveira and Makhachev at lightweight.

Thomson pointed to Volkanovski’s impressive athletic resume, his past as a rugby player and his exceptional speed, which could trouble Oliveira and Makhachev.

Thomson added that “The Great” would put up a tough fight against Oliveira and Makhachev. Either way, the former UFC fighter predicts both lightweight elites beating Volkanovski.

Eugene Bareman sees Charles Oliveira as “the toughest match” over Islam Makhachev for Alex Volkanovski at 155: “I just think Oliveira would be a more complete skill set for Volk.”🎥: youtube.be/WRLWzvuOSFo https://t.co/589FYWCzgq

Additionally, Alexander Volkanovski’s trainer, Eugene Bareman, recently claimed that Oliveira’s roundness made him a tougher fight for ‘The Great’ compared to Makhachev. Thomson disagreed with Bareman’s assessment and said:

“If you’re Volkanovski’s trainer, he’s probably going to say, ‘Man, Oliveira is probably a tough fight. The locking gear on the neck and that sort of thing. Maybe he thinks Volkanovski can get out of Islam. I don’t know what he thinks, but either one is going to give him a really, really tough fight.

Watch the full episode of the Weighing In podcast below:

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