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MMASucka’s personnel picks continue as ten fighters seek a promotional contract with the UFC.

Later that evening on August 23, Dana White’s Contender Series 51 gears up for action from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada for the fifth event of ten overall this calendar year. The fights will begin live at 8:00 p.m. ET (5:00 p.m. PT) live on ESPN+.

Dana White’s Contender 51 Series results will be available here at MMASucka.

Be sure to recap our staff’s picks at the London Weekend PFL 9 2022 Playoffs event and Salt Lake City’s UFC 278.

The fights

Undefeated Heavy Prospects Edouard Néves and Michael Parkin will face off in the main event over three rounds. Five consecutive knockouts, including three in the first round and two, most recently, under the LFA banner, propelled the 22-year-old Neves towards his chance to join the biggest mixed martial arts promotion in the world. Parkin from the UK of TFT MMA finished his thirteen professional and amateur opponents by knockout with twelve in the very first round.

In the co-main event, recent GFC title winner Amiran Gogoladze takes a striking talent Darrius flowers at 170 pounds with both opponents looking for a fourth straight win to add to their resumes.

Three additional fights will take place at Dana White’s Contender Series 51, including the young EFC bantamweight champion Cameron Saaiman and winner of the 2021 Contender Series Erison Ferreira. See our staff’s picks for the entire event below.

Personal Choice

Staff picks in 2022 will follow the same set of rules as the 2021 season. Throughout the calendar year, staff picks will consist of major card fights from UFC and Bellator events. Main card fights and select preliminary fights will be included for PFL MMA. Dana White’s Contender Series will consist of the entire fight card.

The 2022 Staff Choice WINNER will have the choice of receiving a bespoke championship belt from ProAm Belts or a string of Championship Channels. A winner is determined simply by the individual who correctly picks the winningest fighters at the end of the year. Nate Freeman earned his first win with MMASucka in 2021 with a 243-136 compiled record.

Find our staff’s picks for Dana White’s Contender 51 Series below.

Staff records after Dana White’s Contender 50 series:

1.Nate Freeman: 171-89
2. Wesley Riddle: 170-90
3. Michael DeSantis: 167-93
4. Frazer Krohn: 166-94
5. William Dong: 163-97
6. Jeremiah Mark: 159-95
7. Chris Presnell: 151-103
8. Julio Monteros Jr.: 149-81
9.Andrew Benjamin: 148-111
10. Tim Wheaton: 138-82
11. Mike Lynch: 123-74
12. Brandon Seal: 111-72
13. Brian Knight: 109-50
14. Ash Camyab: 105-77
15. Coby Weinsier: 87-47
16. Chinyere Okafor: 72-38
17. Jacek Okninski: 70-58
18. Roemello Reyes: 27-16
19. Matt Bricker: 24-22
20. Joe Porter 11-5
21. Ben Jamieson: 9-10

*Note – not all staff choose for every event*
*Note – PFL 9 2022 and UFC 278 picks will be added to the above records NEXT weekend*

Denise Gomes (5-1), -265
Rayanne Amanda (11-5), +225

Strawweight division
– 115 lbs. –

Wesley Riddle: Gomes via Round 2 SUB
Michael DeSantis: Gomes via Round 2 TKO
Frazer Krohn: Gomes via Round 2 SUB
Nate Freeman: Gomes via unanimous decision
Chris Presnell: Amanda via Round 2 SUB
Roemello Reyes: Gomes via Round 3 TKO
Ben Jamieson: Gomes via unanimous decision

Staff harvesting Gomes: 6
Staff choosing Amanda: 1

Josh Wang-Kim (5-1), -225
Cameron Saaiman (5-0), +190

Bantamweight Division
– 135 pounds. –

Wesley Riddle: Wang-Kim via unanimous decision
Michael DeSantis: Wang-Kim via unanimous decision
Frazer Krohn: Wang-Kim via Round 2 TKO
Nate Freeman: Wang-Kim via Round 2 TKO
Chris Presnell: Wang-Kim via unanimous decision
Roemello Reyes: Wang-Kim by unanimous decision
Ben Jamieson: Wang-Kim via Round 3 TKO

Staff choosing Wang-Kim: 7
Saaiman Staff Selection: 0

Erisson Ferreira (11-1), -170
Jesus Santos Aguilar (7-1), +145

Bantamweight Division
– 125 lbs. –

Wesley Riddle: Santos Aguilar via split decision
Michael DeSantis: Ferreira by unanimous decision
Frazer Krohn: Ferreira via unanimous decision
Nate Freeman: Santos Aguilar by unanimous decision
Chris Presnell: Ferreira via unanimous decision
Roemello Reyes: Ferreira via Round 2 TKO
Ben Jamieson: Ferreira via Round 1 TKO

Staff choosing Ferreira: 5
Staff choosing Santos Aguilar: 2

Amiran Gogoladze (14-2), -285
Darrius Flowers (11-5-1), +240

Welterweight co-main event
– 170 lbs. –

Wesley Riddle: Gogoladze via TKO Round 1
Michael DeSantis: Gogoladze via TKO Round 2
Frazer Krohn: Gogoladze via Round 2 TKO
Nate Freeman: Gogoladze via Round 2 TKO
Chris Presnell: Gogoladze via Round 1 SUB
Roemello Reyes: Gogoladze via Round 2 TKO
Ben Jamieson: Gogoladze via Round 2 SUB

Staff choosing Gogoladze: 7
Staff picking flowers: 0

Eduardo Neves (5-0), -190
Michel Parkin (5-0), +160

Heavyweight main event
– 265 pounds. –

Wesley Riddle: Neves via Round 1 TKO
Michael DeSantis: Neves via Round 1 TKO
Frazer Krohn: Neves via Round 2 TKO
Nate Freeman: Neves via Round 1 TKO
Chris Presnell: Neves via Round 1 TKO
Roemello Reyes: Neves via Round 1 TKO
Ben Jamieson: Neves via Round 3 TKO

Staff choosing Neves: 7
Staff choosing Parkin: 0

*Fight DraftKings Odds*

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