Darren Till gives reminder to those complaining about combatant pay


Darren Till teaches fellow UFC fighters a little financial lesson.

Darren Till is a straightforward guy. He’s loud and his frankness has won him many fans. Till’s latest rant is about the wages of the fighters.

This topic has been all the rage lately after many UFC roster fighters demanded more bonuses and better pay. For Till, he thinks fighters get a lot and has stated a few facts that he says make up for the contracts fighters get. (h / t Pundit Arena)

“People seem to forget that we have a $ 20 million facility out there open to all UFC fighters with food, nutrition, strength training, whatever you want,” said Till. MMA time. “If you want to sleep in there I’m pretty sure you could and I was there for three months and was treated like god by the UFC team, Dana and Hunter.”

Some UFC veterans have said they make more money outside of the UFC than when they were under contract with the organization. Other newer UFC fighters ask for performance bonuses whenever they can.

Even the biggest names like Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou have experienced contract negotiation disagreements with the UFC brass this year. Outsider Jake Paul has been one of the biggest advocates of the pay gap for MMA fighters.

“Obviously there are flaws in this game for fighters, but before you start and start criticizing the UFC or whatever, just remember what’s on your feet,” Till explained.

UFC Performance Institutes are here to help contracted UFC fighters live their best lives. Locations in Las Vegas and China are meant to help fighters negotiate weight cuts, receive body care, and feed. Till believes that the luxury and accommodations at these institutes make up for any perceived lack of pay per struggle.

What do you think of Darren Till’s stance on combatant pay?

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