DeltaCap acquires 35% of the capital of the LINK2LENDERS loan referral platform


Jamaican private equity firm Delta Capital Partners (DeltaCap) has acquired a 35% stake in leading local online lending platform LINK2LENDERS for an undisclosed amount.

In a press release, DeltaCap Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Zachary Harding said, “LINK2LENDERS is a great example of the impact we are having on people’s lives as we grow our Delta FinTech ecosystem. The platform will disrupt the way loans are referred in Jamaica, finally giving consumers the power to make the best, hassle-free decision.

Jamaicans will be able to see the lending landscape at a glance and be empowered to make the healthiest and most sustainable financial choices. It will also force financial institutions to really compete for the attention and business of clients, “said Harding, noting the broad reach of the platform which provides information on a range of credit products – from payday loans to mortgages – by connecting consumers with several local lenders and insurance companies. .

LINK2LENDERS co-founder Jason Dear noted that Jamaicans have been reeling from the economic fallout from the global pandemic, with many seeking loans to keep their finances on a level playing field. Although loan products are readily available, the growing demand for them poses a new challenge for consumers who are physically limited in exploring their options, he noted.

How to shop while minimizing exposure? How do they filter through these options to find a loan that meets their needs? Cher said the LINK2LENDERS platform will solve these challenges.

LINK2LENDERS, with a model similar to international platforms such as Lending Tree, is a FinTech platform that provides a solution to consumers by generating pre-approvals for loans and facilitating the application process, allowing them to make the best selection without having to do the legwork, according to Dear.

The platform also connects borrowers with relevant Jamaican institutions.

“A lot of life’s crucial decisions boil down to money, and with things currently as unpredictable as they are, we wanted to create an online solution where people could simply, easily and quickly conquer the approval process. loan, ”Dear said.

He noted that the service supports citizens during difficult times.

“When looking for a loan, you’re probably already stressed out. Finding the best solution shouldn’t have to add to that stress. Instead of sitting in a bank risking exposure, spending hours on your phone or the web researching rates, LINK2LENDERS helps you keep things simple, ”he said.

According to Dear, the company has already seen high traffic despite the current market temperature, as the platform allows Jamaican consumers to apply from anywhere in the world, once they have access to the internet and / or to a device.

“In 2020, with very little marketing, we received and were able to process over half a billion dollars in applications for Jamaicans as far away as Belgium and Canada, without anyone ever having to put in. feet in a bank in Jamaica, ”he said. noted.

As its core business grows, the company remains nimble and aims to transcend the simple fact of being a borrower-to-lender intermediary.

“Imagine a world where you can start a mortgage application from a free visit or apply for a car loan inside the dealership,” Dear said, noting that the company is in the process of setting up a integrated system serving car dealers, real estate agents and insurance brokers.

According to the press release, affiliate LINK2LENDERS Canada Inc will launch its international payments platform for Jamaicans around the world, making it even easier to pay on loans from foreign borrowers.


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