Draftkings MMA 2022: How to bet on MMA with Draftkings?


The DraftKings bookmaker has established itself as one of the most comprehensive bookmakers globally. With dozens of sports available, including MMA, full pages of betting tutorials and competitive odds, you’ll find everything you need at Draftkings.

What sports do the Draftkings have to bet on

The Draftkings catalog includes over 20 sports, including some rare examples such as lacrosse and golf. Every sport in existence comes with a wide variety of markets, including exclusive markets that don’t exist elsewhere.

DraftKings also offers live betting on most sports and leagues available. You can find the live section next to My Bets at the top of your screen.

Of course, the football category is the most extensive – it’s the biggest sport in the world and all bookmakers strive to provide the widest range of leagues to its users. In the case of Draftkings, you will find 88 different leagues and tournaments.

Basketball and tennis also have full coverage of all the biggest leagues and tournaments, while lesser-known sports around the world like American football, handball, rugby, etc., have mostly the most big leagues.

In our case, we’re interested in their MMA coverage and Draftkings has it all – every fight on the annual Ultimate Fighting Championship schedule. At this time, DraftKings does not cover smaller mixed martial arts organizations such as Bellator and One. But combined with the various Draftkings MMA promotions that run ahead of major UFC events, you have more than enough reason to consider sports betting.

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Are there any Draftkings MMA betting promotions?

Unlike most bookmakers, Draftkings puts a lot of emphasis on mixed martial arts. Without a doubt, the platform is considered one of the best MMA sportsbooks.

Currently, there are no Draftkings MMA promotions as there will be no major UFC events for some time. From the next big event (UFC 275), you can expect extreme offers that put Draftkings above all other bookmakers.

We can give a perfect example with their recent promotions which will give an idea of ​​what you can expect in the future. Let’s take the most recent UFC event – UFC 274 as an example.

With a historic fight card, UFC 274 will go down in the books as one of MMA’s greatest events. And here is the recent Draftkings promo for this particular event.

With a winning bet of at least $5 on any fight on the night, new users received a $150 reward. Considering the names that participated in this event and the large number of massive favorites, this offer was absolutely amazing.

Expect similar new promotions for any future UFC or MMA events on Draftkings.

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How to bet on Draftkings MMA?

Draftkings has become one of the leading sportsbooks when it comes to MMA. Nowadays, most bookmakers cover the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Nevertheless, most offer a limited number of markets – mainly Moneyline and total spins.

Draftkings offers odds for absolutely every UFC event throughout the year and all major pay-per-view events come with a wide variety of markets.

You’ll find the odds for the UFC in the MMA category on the left side of your screen or in the “Popular” section just below the Draftkings logo.

Regular UFC fight nights come with the traditional Moneyline and Total Rounds markets. More important events include the possibility of betting on alternative rounds, method of winning, round win, etc.

1. Create an account with Draftkings. If you are a new customer and want to bet on UFC in particular, wait for the next big event. Draftkings offers unique offers and promotions for new users. If you want to bet on other sports immediately, there are several offers for new customers at any time.

2. To make a deposit.

3. Go to the UFC section, which is in the Draftkings MMA category when you scroll down the main page.

4. All available UFC fights will be listed under the respective category and you can make your selections in seconds.

5. Place a bet – you have the option of betting on singles or a bet of up to 20 selections. This means you can have 20 different fights or games in a single bet slip.

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final verdict

Few sportsbooks offer the wide variety of options for MMA betting that Draftkings offers. Betting takes just seconds due to the user-friendly layout and the odds are among the highest in the industry.

While most bookmakers cover the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2022, Draftkings has some of the most exclusive MMA promotions for all UFC events. And if you don’t have an account yet, there are several more offers from new customers every month.


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