Dwayne Johnson’s shoe remains the talk of the town as fans smoke a $40 million gap in Canelo Alvarez and Kamaru Usman Purse


Fighter compensation is the most discussed topic in the MMA world. Moreover, the most common comparison is that with boxing. This discussion started again with Alvarez receiving millions and someone like Kamaru Usman not even touching the seven-figure mark.


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Often we hear from MMA fighters bringing up the issue of fighter compensation. Several fighters have spoken of being paid less than boxers who earn exponentially higher sums from their fight. Every time a fighter’s salary is released, posts start popping up on the internet, leading to endless debate.


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A similar image has been circulating the internet since the release of the Canelo vs GGG fight purse. The post compares the salary of one of boxing’s top stars to former P4P MMA king Kamaru Usman.


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The uploaded piece shows the huge salary gap between Canelo and Kamaru Usman despite being on a similar rung in their respective sports.

Fans react to salary gap between Kamaru Usman and Canelo Alvarez

Fans had their strong opinions to share about the alleged disservice to the MMA fighter. They jumped into the comments section in droves to post their varied thoughts.

• “Yeah and the rest of the fighters on this boxing card earn $0”

• “Yes, but did Canelo receive free Rock shoes?”

• “In the end, Kamaru probably gained about 2.25 mil, but that’s still a huge difference”

• “Boxing has been around for over a century and mma has only been around for about 30 years. Give MMA more time, they will earn much more in 10-20 years”

• “And how many PPVs did each of them sell?”

• “It’s a joke”

• “Dana really keeps 40 million for himself and shares 5 million for the fighters”

• “This is why UFC Fighter wants to fight in boxing like Usman and Francis Nnganou”

Canelo Alvarez shares his thoughts on the pay gap

Canelo also shared his thoughts on the pay disparity between MMA and boxing fighters. In an interview with GQ magazine, the boxer answered questions from fans on the Internet.


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A question popped up that said, “Why are boxers always paid more than MMA fighters.“Canelo was quick to answer that question and put the charge on promotion rather than sport.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – MAY 04: Canelo Alvarez heads to his corner during his middleweight unification bout against Daniel Jacobs at T-Mobile Arena on May 04, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

The Mexican said, “I think in general boxers don’t win the same, everyone wins differently. But, yeah, I think boxers win more. I don’t know why…I think in MMA, there’s only has one promoter, a company that I think controls them more. So I think that’s why.


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What do you think of the salary gap between boxers and MMA fighters? Let us know.

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