ESPN Plus costs: UFC 266 PPV prices, plans and other features explained


We’re here to help show you ESPN Plus costs and pricing today. and if you are a UFC fan, we can help you plan your viewing night for this weekend’s UFC 266 PPV live broadcast which will feature Volkanovski vs Ortega for the Featherweight Title and Shevchenko vs Murphy for the Women’s Flyweight title.

ESPN Plus costs are incredibly low for a sports streaming platform that offers live broadcasts, on-demand video, in-depth news and analysis, and exclusive content including UFC events. It is not a replacement for the original ESPN cable network, but rather a complement to your general sports experience.

Confused about ESPN’s streaming service? Check out our guide for an overview of what’s included and ways to maximize your savings through ESPN Plus bundles, as detailed below.

As for UFC 266, here are all the ESPN Plus PPV costs you need to know with a choice of packages available.

ESPN Plus costs and features

ESPN plus logo

ESPN Plus only costs $ 6.99 per month, although you can save $ 13.89 if you go for a $ 69.99 annual plan. The monthly payment options can be canceled at any time, so this is a great way to experience the service without any kind of long-term financial commitment.

An ESPN Plus subscription includes live sporting events as well as original and classic content on demand, all in HD. You can stream to up to three devices at a time. ESPN Plus is compatible with a number of smart TVs, streaming sticks, game consoles, and mobile devices.

Note that an ESPN Plus subscription will not allow you to stream content from the ESPN cable network.

UFC on ESPN Plus

Arguably the biggest benefit of an ESPN Plus membership is its exclusive deal with the UFC. It involves UFC Fight Nights, the best archives, and other original content.

ESPN Plus is required to purchase individual UFC PPV events, which cost $ 69.99 each. However, there are often bundles available for new annual ESPN Plus subscribers. UFC 264 with one year of ESPN Plus costs $ 89.98 on the official website, which is a savings of $ 40 and a fantastic deal for the pay-per-view event and that will also give you a year of regular UFC Fight Night action. If you’re already on ESPN Plus, you pay a reduced fee for UFC 264 PPV at $ 69.99.

ESPN Plus costs price offers sports what's new

ESPN Plus Sports Live

ESPN Plus also broadcasts regular season NHL and MLB games. You can also catch live NCAA basketball and football games, but you won’t find any NBA or NFL games from the current season.

Football fans will have plenty of live matches from the world’s top leagues and cups on ESPN Plus, including Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, English FA Cup, US Major League Soccer and more.

Other sports featured on ESPN Plus include PGA Golf and Grand Slam tennis. Niche sports like cricket and rugby are also available for live streaming. It really is a diverse range for sports fans.

ESPN Plus prices cost 30 bundles for 30 documentaries

ESPN Plus On-Demand Content

ESPN Plus offers full access to 30 for 30 library. Each episode of the acclaimed documentary series is available on demand.

The Oscar-winning mini-series, OJ Simpson: Made in America, can also be broadcast in its entirety. The exclusive content on ESPN Plus is also worth a visit. Notable titles include NBA Tours, Peyton’s placesand Last train to Russia. If you love nostalgia, you’ll be delighted to find hours upon hours of stock footage such as The best games in the NFL and Ali vs. Frazier III: The Thrilla in Manila.

Much like its terrestrial counterpart, ESPN Plus also offers breaking news and statistics.

ESPN Plus costs cheap bundles

ESPN Plus Bundle Prices

In addition to the aforementioned UFC PPV event package, there are other ways to score ESPN Plus bundles. Since ESPN is an entity of The Walt Disney Company, discounted ESPN Plus prices are offered alongside other Disney-owned streaming services.

There is a triple pack which is our hottest choice – it includes Disney plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu (with ads) – and is available for $ 13.99 / month. That’s an annual savings of $ 72 compared to subscribing to each platform separately. You can also get the ad-free version of Hulu with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for $ 19.99 / month, which is 25% off.

Do you want to discover the other services for yourself? We have collected all the latest Disney Plus Packages and the various Hulu prices and plans in our other guides.

ESPN Plus price increase

The ESPN Plus price was increased in August 2021, by an additional dollar per month to $ 6.99. The annual deal has seen its price increase from $ 10 to $ 69.99 per year.

This follows a price hike around the same time the year before, which marked the first ESPN Plus price hike. You should be safe for a while now from another bump and the annual supply is a decent money saver as well.

ESPN Plus offers

Since its launch in 2018, we have yet to see an ESPN Plus Black Friday Offer. We won’t hold our breath on any one-off ESPN Plus offer or giveaway that hits November… but we’re also open to being pleasantly surprised.

Discounting for an annual deal or getting the aforementioned Disney / Hulu package are the best ways to save money with ESPN Plus, as monthly price discounts for the service don’t seem like a thing.

Is ESPN Plus Worth It?

For UFC and European football fans, the answer is a resounding yes. Not only will you enjoy plenty of live matches and PPV events, but you’ll also have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Beyond that, it depends on the sports you follow the most. Fans of the NHL and MLB, you’ll have plenty of live regular season games to watch every night. Fans of more specialized sports will also have the choice of live matches. Unfortunately, if you strictly follow current NBA or NFL games, you may find that ESPN Plus is lacking.

ESPN Plus is, however, much deeper than its live sports. It provides on-demand access to some of the most compelling original sports content ever. That alone can be worth the cost.

ESPN Plus is not an ESPN replacement, but it is a useful add-on. Bundling it with Disney Plus and Hulu will save you money while expanding your library of streaming content, which isn’t too bad either. At $ 5.99 per month, or less if you pay annually or get it as a bundle, ESPN Plus prices are very attractive.

Is there an ESPN Plus free trial?

The ESPN free trial was discontinued a while ago and we don’t expect it to be back anytime soon. But just like the discontinued Disney Plus free trial and HBO Max free trial, the service is cheap enough to try a few bucks for a month to see if you’re into it.

If you want free TV for a month, the Hulu free trial and Funimation free trials are still up and running.

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