Ex-Chelsea footballer wins another Polish MMA fight and then tells the crowd: ‘fuck you’


Former Chelsea footballer Ricardo Prasel gave a clear message to the crowd after picking up another MMA win on Saturday: ‘fuck you’.

Brazilian ace Prasel, 31, joined the Blues as an 18-year-old third-choice keeper under Jose Mourinho. Although he never kicked a ball or saved an angry shot during his time in west London, he was still able to train alongside Petr Cech and Didier Drogba.

After an injury forced him to retire from football in his early twenties, the ex-stopper took up jiu-jitsu. From there he switched to MMA and on Saturday he participated in his 16th fight at KSW 70, the first mixed martial arts organization in Poland.

Prasel was not expected to do much against former UFC heavyweight Daniel Omielanczuk. But after surviving heavy volleys early on, he produced a superb right ankle lock that forced his opponent to concede after just 98 seconds.

And he didn’t hold back his post-fight interview, telling the crowd “fuck you.” He said: Where is the outsider now? Fucking outsider, my name is Ricardo Prasel, that’s my name.

Prasel (right) beat Daniel Omielanczuk

“I now want a chance for the belt, it’s my dream. I have two wins against two great fighters now [in KSW] and I’m very happy.”

Prasel, who at 6-foot-7 makes NBA legend Michael Jordan look small, only took up jiu-jitsu to stay fit in college. He is unique among athletes for having experienced what it is like to be both a footballer and a fighter.

This is something he is fully aware of. “Even though it’s not for long, stepping onto the Chelsea pitch and seeing so many stars was a dream come true,” he told MMA Fighting. “Fighting now is as incredible as playing for Chelsea. I’ve seen the world through both sports.”

“When I started jiu-jitsu, I had no intention of turning professional. I started in college and trained in jiu-jitsu for fun, but things started to change. To leave one sport and reach this level in another is sensational. My my family is proud of me, my father would be proud of me. It’s great.”

Prasel had nothing but good things to say about his time at Stamford Bridge, although he admitted Didier Drogba and Michael Ballack used to get the better of him in training.

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Prasel won via a right ankle lock
Prasel won via a right ankle lock

“I played with them every day because after training they wanted to practice free-kicks and I had to be there trying to defend it,” he added. “Thirty minutes every day, Drogba and Ballack take free kicks. My God, they didn’t miss a single one [laughs]. It was amazing.”


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