Fabricio Andrade leaves the door open for possible kickboxing endeavors in the ONE circle


Fabricio Andrade has a title knockout fight ahead of him at ONE 158 this Friday. He’s on an impressive six-fight winning streak in MMA, but it wasn’t always intended to be that way.

When he joined ONE Championship, the idea was that Fabricio Andrade would compete in mixed martial arts, kickboxing and Muay Thai. After his first MMA fight, ONE asked him to stay in the sport because he was so awesome.

‘Wonder Boy’ recently spoke to Sportskeeda MMA about the possibility of switching to kickboxing or Muay Thai down the line, saying:

“When I signed with ONE Championship, I had two or three options, MMA or kickboxing. After my first fight, ONE Championship was really impressed with my MMA, you know, so they kept me in MMA fights “Right now we have an MMA deal. But…maybe in the future we can definitely do strike fights.”

Watch our full interview with Andrade below:

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Andrade stuck to MMA and found huge success in the bantamweight division of the ONE Championship. He recorded two knockouts in a row and nearly secured a shot at defending champion John Lineker. Knockout artist Kwon Won Il will be his opponent at ONE 158.

The bantamweight division of kickboxing has some talented forwards, including Hiroki Akimoto and Capitan Petchyindee. Meanwhile, Bantamweight Muay Thai has been dominated so far by Nong-O Gaiyanghadao.

If Andrade wants to step away from MMA, there are some great options available. However, he wants to get his hands on John Lineker first.

Fabricio Andrade in pursuit of the title

Fabricio Andrade has a fight at ONE 158 and if he wins then he will be in line to face the defending champion. Lineker captured the championship earlier this year when he picked up a knockout victory over Bibiano Fernandes.

Andrade thinks the time is right for the title and spoke calling Lineker. He thinks the bantamweight king is scared of him. In an interview with ONE Championship, ‘Wonder Boy’ said:

“John Lineker has been dodging me for a long time, but after beating Kwon Won Il, he will have to face me. He had already agreed to defend the belt against Kwon Won Il and it just shows that he is a chicken and is looking for an easy fight.After defeating Kwon Won Il, it will be a pleasure to fight him and finish him in the first round.

Fabricio Andrade must first defeat South Korean fighter Kwon Won Il at ONE 158. On June 3, both fighters will be looking to extend their inside-the-circle knockout streaks.

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