Fans react to UFC fighters not making money from ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson’s new shoe sponsorship


Fight fans on social media were shocked but not surprised after learning that UFC fighters won’t be making any money on the company’s new shoe sponsorship deal with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Under Armor.

Fighters and their team members have been asked to wear the new Project Rock shoes at events, according to bloody elbow. The publication also reported that the athletes would not get a discount from the new deal.

The deal would be specific to UFC fight week events. Athletes and cornermen will be asked to wear Project Rock shoes at special events, practices, weigh-ins, etc. Fighters will also wear the shoes to the octagon for their outings, as seen at the recently concluded UFC 279 event.

See the post below:

PageInstagram @brwlrz reposted the report, prompting a flurry of negative responses from online commenters. Check out the top reviews below:

Check out the comments below:

Fans react to UFC partnership with The Rock and Under Armor
Fans react to UFC partnership with The Rock and Under Armor

One commentator pointed out that Dana White and the UFC have once again “ripped off” payday fighters. Meanwhile, another even went so far as to call the UFC president a “master of slaves.”

“Slavemaster Dana has struck again!” they wrote. “You will definitely see bigger fighters not wearing them.”

One Instagram user pointed out that deals like these are why fighters need to come together to form a union. There are also commentators who think it’s no surprise that the UFC pulls off such a move.

Nate Diaz reacts to new UFC X “The Rock” shoe deal

WWE legend “The Rock” seems content with his new partnership with the UFC. In a statement he sent to Bloombergthe Hollywood superstar wrote:

“UFC athletes are some of the biggest, toughest, most focused, disciplined and toughest athletes on the planet. I am proud, grateful and honored that my innovative Project Rock training shoe is now the UFC’s Official Worldwide Footwear Partner.”

However, some of the UFC’s biggest stars don’t seem to share his enthusiasm. Notably, Nate Diaz criticized The Rock’s shoe during an interview with UFC’s Megan Olivi. Unsurprisingly, the entire segment did not air.

“These shoes suck,” Diaz said at the end of her interview. “Look at these shoes, they made me put this shit on. F*** these shoes!”

Watch Nate Diaz’s reaction to The Rock’s shoes below:

nate diaz reacts to ufc’s partnership with dwayne the rock johnson’s shoe company. #UFC279

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