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Winning a world boxing title is a difficult goal that only a few can achieve, but winning belts in five different divisions is the path to immortality. Discover the exclusive list of fighters who made it

Manny Pacquiao, boxing
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Several times in boxing, the ladder is the toughest enemy for fighters. The pressure to lose or gain pounds can destroy careers. Once a boxer has beaten the weight, he still has to beat his rival. It’s a tough journey to win a fight; even harder to get a World title; almost impossible to do it in several weight categories.

That is why greatness, glory, immortality are granted to warriors capable of carrying belts of different weights. Speed, stamina, damage absorption, and of course potency vary from category to category.

In fact, only 5 top boxers have been able to hold a world title in 5 different divisions. These men were touched by fate, because to achieve this goal, in addition to talent and discipline, it is necessary to have a privileged body and to start in light courses to climb in heavier courses: the superb Mohamed Ali or the mighty Mike tyson are all-time greats but had no other divisions to move.

The 5 boxers who won world titles in 5 different weight categories

Thomas hearn: the Motor City Cobra was the first boxer to enter this list. He ended his career 61-5-1 (48 KOs) after winning world titles in the following divisions:

-Welterweight (1980)

-Light average weight (1982)

-Average weight (1987)

-super-average weight (1988)

-Lightweight (1987, 1991)

Ray charles leonard: better known as Sugar ray , shared time and even the ring with Hearns. They fought twice; for sure some of the best matches in boxing history. Leonardo said goodbye to Sweet science with 36-3-1 (25 KOs) and this conquered belt:

-Welterweight (1979)

-Light average weight (1981)

-Average weight (1987)

-super-average weight (1988)

-Light heavyweight (1988)

Oscar de la Hoya: many years passed before another warrior could join Sugar ray and The hitman on this list. The golden man touched the sky with his 39-6-0 (30 KOs) and several defeated legendary champions, such as Julio Cesar Chavez, Pernell Whitaker and Felix Trinidad. But even more, De la Hoya overtook Hearns and Leonard, as he dominated in 6 different divisions:

– Super featherweight (1994)

-Light (1995)

– Junior welterweight (1996)

-Welterweight (1997)

-Light average weight (2001)

-Average weight (2004)

Floyd Mayweather Jr: the Pretty boy puts his name on the boxing gold list thanks to his masterful defense. He decided to end his professional activity after beating UFC fighter Connor McGregor in 2017, being the only one on this list to go undefeated: 50-0-0 (27 KOs):

-Super featherweight (1998)

-Light (2002)

-Junior welterweight (2004)

-Welterweight (2006)

-Light average weight (2007)

Manny Pacquiao: the Pac-Man (62-8-2 (39 KOs) was the last to hit the accomplishment of being a five-class world champion, but, as the saying goes: finally and especially. The Filipino titan totally surpassed his other 4 colleagues on this list. He is the only boxer to win world titles in 7 different divisions. His absolutely brilliant career just ended in 2021:

– Flyweight (1998)

-Super bantamweight (2001)

-Super featherweight (2008)

-Light (2008)

– Junior welterweight (2009) (International Boxing Organization)

-Welterweight (2009)

-Light average weight (2010)

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