Former UFC champion has not been charged with harassing rival Jake Paul’s California residence


Two weeks after Tyron Woodley faced Jake Paul in an eight-round boxing match and lost by split decision, news of his arrest surfaced on the internet.

However, the news is not true.

Local authorities have failed to recover the former UFC welterweight champion in Calabasas, Calif., For harassing Jake Paul’s residence.

The rumor was started as a prank by a website named MMAFresse who specializes in publishing fake news about mixed martial arts and boxing.

“MMAFPress is here to provide the first bogus press you can trust in UFC sport, anything written on this website is purely for entertainment purposes and we do not consider ourselves reporting factual news “, says the description on the website.

The MMAFPress article claimed Tyron Woodley was arrested early Friday morning outside Jake Paul’s California residence and charged with “harassment”. He also said the reason behind Woodley’s actions was to get the rematch with Paul.

You can read the full fake article on Tyron Woodley here.

The website has posted similar prank articles on other fighters in the past. One such article was published ahead of UFC Vegas 36 claiming that Las Vegas authorities arrested Darren Till before his fight with Derek Brunson.

Jake Paul cuts down rematch possibilities with Tyron Woodley

While the rumor that Tyron Woodley will end up outside Jake Paul’s house asking for a rematch is completely untrue, it’s true that a second installment of the fight might not happen after all.

Immediately after losing the decision to Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley demanded a rematch as he believed he had won the fight. Prior to the fight, both fighters agreed to a bet that the loser would get an “I Love Jake Paul / I love Tyron Woodley” tattoo permanently somewhere on their body.

Jake Paul said he would need to see the tattoo to secure a rematch, while Tyron Woodley said he would do the ink if a second fight was booked. Presumably Paul was indeed serious about the bet, as he invited famous tattoo artist Katherine Flores aka “Tatu Baby” to the pay-per-view event to do the honors.

“The Problem Child” even published a set of “guidelines” for Tyron Woodley to follow while making ink.

In a recent Instagram Live with FightHype, Tyron Woodley has revealed that Jake Paul and his team are avoiding conversations about a rematch.

Jake Paul, on the other hand, seemed disinterested in the rematch on the Complete shipment Podcast.

“The tattoo was a bet before this fight. It was the loser who had to get a tattoo. So now he’s trying to change it to do it for the rematch. It doesn’t make sense. [to fight him again]. If he got a tattoo by now and this clip went viral and everyone was like “Jake, do it” I would say, “I kind of have to do this.” “But he fucked up,” Jake Paul said.

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