Gilbert Burns knocks out the prankster and locks out RNC in seconds


Gilbert Burns taught a hard lesson to a prankster who thought he could get away with throwing shade at the Brazilian and fellow UFC featherweight Jared Gordon. Gordon and Burns were rolling on the mat when a guy appeared out of nowhere and stepped onto the mat.

In a disrespectful way, he told the two UFC fighters that Brazilian jiu-jitsu wouldn’t work in street fights:

“That jiu-jitsu shit ain’t gonna fly down the street, god damn it.”

Although he may not have had bad intentions and only wanted to prank Burns, little did he know he would learn the hard way that he is not very smart to play with. trained fighters. Upon noticing the guy, Burns immediately pointed to his legs, indicating his annoyance that he walked the mat in slippers.

Before the man could react, Burns expertly tripped him and took him down before locking him in a rear chokehold. The man was clearly freaking out and kept yelling, saying “it’s a prank”, pointing at the camera.

Watch the video below:

Ex-opponent blames Gilbert Burns for being proud of defeat

Gilbert Burns’ former nemesis Khamzat Chimaev can’t understand why the Brazilian is apparently ‘happy’ with the outcome of their UFC 273 clash. Burns and Chimaev entertained fans in a back-and-forth in which ‘ Borz’ ended up winning. by unanimous decision.

Burns did a great job of preparing for Chimaev, based on the limited footage of his strike. Chimaev’s usual setup for uppercuts is simple, entering with a jab or a fake jab. Burns would try to time the counter left hook since Chimaev’s right side is exposed throwing it.

Burns having called for a rematch with him in the past, the Russian-born Swede said it was surprising to see ‘Durinho’ proud of his defeat. Chimaev said he was angry despite his win because he couldn’t finish Burns in the fight.

During a recent appearance on Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour podcast, Chimaev said:

“I made him famous. The guy was nothing before me. I made him famous, and he lost the fight, he was happier. I was angry after that fight – I won the fight. fight. I was angry because I didn’t finish this guy. I don’t understand that some guys get happy when they lost the fight… If you watch him the last seconds of the fight, if he can fight five rounds, why did he look at the clock, running away from me “I ran after him the last two minutes, I was tired. If there were two more rounds, I would finish it.”

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