Gilbert Burns seeks UFC 283 opponent in Brazil, says fighting Belal Muhammad makes the most sense


Gilbert Burns is looking to return to the octagon at UFC 283 in Brazil. The No. 5 ranked welterweight had called for a fight against Jorge Masvidal since a few months. However, it did not materialize.

After claiming that Masvidal was avoiding him, Burns shared that he believed Belal Muhammad is the most logical opponent at the moment.

Talk to underground MMA, Burns discussed the welterweight image. Burns discussed potential opponents, sharing that he would fight any of the ranked fighters who don’t have a fight booked:

“Now it’s UFC. I think they really want me to fight Masvidal, but I’m not going to wait. They say I’m fighting in Brazil, so I’m just waiting for an opponent in Brazil, and then later we can do the Masvidal fight if they still want to. Right now I’m moving forward.

Gilbert Burns went on to reveal who he thinks makes the most sense for his fight:

“At this point, I’m thinking Belal Muhammad. Just because he took my place in the rankings. It would be a good fight, and he’s the tightest one in the rankings, but at this point, I I don’t care. I know everyone wants to see me in Brazil.”

Burns has been inactive since his unanimous decision loss to Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 273.

Watch Gilbert Burns discuss his options for his next fight below (from 3:20 a.m.):

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Gilbert Burns reveals he moved on from Jorge Masvidal fight

Gilbert Burns had been targeting a fight against Jorge Masvidal for several months. The No. 5-ranked welterweight recently revealed that he is now more focused on fighting at UFC 283 than Masvidal.

Just let everyone know that @ufc offered me @GamebredFighter 3x The first time was for November 12. He said he needed more time, the second time for December 10th he said he was going to 🇧🇷 fight me and now he said no again! 🤷🏾‍♂️ so I guess the B in his BMF belt doesn’t mean bad 🤦🏾‍♂️

Talk to underground MMABurns doubled down on his claim that Masvidal turned down the opportunity to fight him at UFC 281, UFC 282 and UFC 283. He added that he gave up the potential matchup:

“I was done with that [Masvidal fight] a long time ago. I’ve told the UFC before, give me anyone; I do not care. The response I got was, “We want you and Masvidal, and we’re going to make it happen.” I fight in Brazil, one hundred percent.”

Burns had targeted a potential money fight with Masvidal. However, the No. 11 ranked welterweight’s refusal to sign the contract forced him to move on.

Watch Gilbert Burns’ full comments on the potential Jorge Masvidal fight below (from 0:17):

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