Giving MMA an identity in a cricket-obsessed country


About two decades ago, mixed martial arts was a foreign concept in India. The country which knows its national sport as hockey and regards cricket as a religion, has always associated wrestling with the WWE. Add to that the taboo associated with combat sports and you will understand why no one knew about mixed martial arts. Parents hesitate to enroll their children in such a sport and enthusiasts see only a bleak future.

Today, MMA has gained popularity in India. An increasing number of MMA events are being held in the country. Indian fighters are representing the country in international events and an increasing number of fighters are now heading towards their MMA dream. Thanks to the efforts of a few people, combat sports are no longer a taboo subject.

These committed people are the ones who formed the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association in India (AIMMAA). It is the oldest and largest governing body of MMA in India. Founded in 2004 by Daniel Isaac in 2004, Daniel’s efforts have been unparalleled from first introducing MMA to India to his hard work in providing a platform for all MMA fighters in India over the past two decades. From training to exhibition, AIMMAA is the one stop shop for all MMA related needs in India.

The AIMMAA team includes Lorelei Isaac, the strength and conditioning coach for the fighters during the Super Fight League era at their training camp in Nasik, Alan Fenandes, India’s first professional MMA fighter and a BJJ pioneer in India.

Jitendra Jain is the President and Pallavi Jain are some of the senior board members of this distinguished organization. The organization mainly focuses on promoting mixed martial arts in India and works in sync with event management companies and other businesses. He helps organize MMA events and popularize them. He also works to hone and give a platform to professional MMA athletes. AIMMAA has over 200 affiliated gyms and hundreds of MMA instructors under its program today and an equal or probably greater number of amateur to professional fighters in its ranks.

It is affiliated with the World Authority of Mixed Martial Arts Federations (GAMMAF), headquartered in the United States.

Currently, MMA fights are full contact in nature. However, AIMMAA has introduced “Sport MMA” which operates in the competitive sports format. This way, they provide a platform for kids and teens to train and compete in a risk-free environment without compromising the real MMA learning experience. The format facilitates training that helps solidify MMA concepts. AIMMAA works tirelessly to popularize child-friendly “Sport MMA” under the leadership of Daniel Isaac who developed the concept in the early 2000s so that MMA could be taught at a basic and early age.

The organization is a team of individuals who are passionate about sports and its promotion in India. We hope he realizes his vision soon and more enthusiastic fighters gain international recognition. AIMMAA sanctions, organizes and oversees India’s largest and legitimate MMA events in the country.


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