Graphic: See the horrific cut that Kane Mousah suffered at the Bellator 267


Kane Mousah joined an exclusive club on Friday night. Only the cream of the crop fighters are allowed at this club and lightweight Bellator was a welcome addition after his fight against Davy Gallon at Bellator 267 in London.

The question that comes to your mind is probably, “Well, what did Mousah do to join such an exclusive club?” The answer is simple. You see, all Mousah had to do was take one of the worst cuts in mixed martial arts history. It may seem hyperbolic to give it such a distinction, but it is certainly justified in this case. I usually rate the cuts on a scale of one at Marvin Eastman, and this one on Mousah is a solid eight.

Mousah returned to the Bellator cage and met Gallon during the preliminary part of the event, where the two men put on the whole show for three rounds. Every fighter has had their moments, however, one of the most important came in the last ten seconds of the first round. Gallon intervened with an elbow that landed flush with Mousah’s forehead before tying him up and throwing him to the ground just as the horn signifying the end of the round sounded.

Mousah stood up, and it was there. A gash just above his eye and it was bad (see photo below). Again, you have been warned that this is graphic.

The bad cut that Kane Mousah suffered at the Bellator 267.
Callum knowles

In fact, it was dangerously close to the territory of the end of the fight and I can only guess that most of the medics at the edge of the cage would have told the referee to stop the action. This scenario did not play out and Mousah, with the help of balls of petroleum jelly and a damn good cutman, fought. He was ultimately defeated by Gallon by unanimous decision, with which Mousah visibly disagreed after hearing the judges’ scorecards.

Mousah took to social media after the fight and showed off his new stitches. He didn’t reveal how many he received, but it seemed only a few were needed to close the gnarled gash.


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