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YouTuber turned boxer Jacques-Paul triumphed over UFC legend Anderson Silva Going through unanimous decision during their recently concluded boxing match which took place at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona on October 29.

According to a report by Total, with a base salary of $1.5 million and the lion’s share of pay-per-view buys at 65%, “The Problem Child” is expected to receive a payout of around $5 million. However, the former UFC middleweight champion will earn $1.5 million on a base salary of 500,000 and 35% of pay-per-view sales.

The 25-year-old got the better of Silva for most of the fight and even scored a knockdown on the MMA legend in the final round.

Judge Paul Calderon scored the bout 77-74, while judges Dennis O’Connell and Chris Wilson scored the fight 78-73, all in favor of the social media sensation.

Jake Paul UD Anderson Silva official judging scorecards…

With the victory over Silva, Jake Paul extended his unbeaten run in boxing to six. On the other hand, the former UFC star‘s boxing record currently stands at 3-2.

During a post-fight interview, younger brother Paul called out UFC legend Nate Diaz and undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez for future fights.

Watch Jake Paul call out Nate Diaz and Canelo Alvarez below:

youtube cover

Jake Paul reaffirms his intention to create the fighters union

At the post-fight press conference following his fight with Silva, Jake Paul reaffirmed that he and Silva would always come together to form a United Fighters Association with the goal of helping fighters negotiate better pay and long-term health care.

‘The Problem Child’ said:

“Now we’re going to come together and create a United Fighters Association to help UFC fighters, all MMA fighters and boxers get more pay for fighters, long term health care. And that’s a great company that I wanted to do for the whole entire duration of my career.”

Watch Paul talk about the creation of the Fighters Union below:

youtube cover

Paul and Silva had agreed on a bet before their fight. According to the bet, if the UFC legend lost the fight, he would help Paul formulate the fighters union. However, if the 25-year-old loses, he would face ‘The Spider’ in a kickboxing bout.

Watch Paul and Silva agree on a bet below:

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